Everything You Need to Know to Choose The Best Mobile Rate: Comparisons and Rankings with Cheapest Rate

In the last few years have proliferated large number of mobile operators hundreds of combinations of possible rates designed to meet almost any need and to facilitate the choice of the best rate to suit your needs, at Engadget Mobile we will put some order by grouping all comparisons of rates in a place that we will keep you updated with all the changes that are taking place.

Trying to maintain a coherent structure, below you will find access to all comparisons with all the details, rankings and summaries with the best rates for certain most common consumer assumptions and one Guide with tips to make your telecommunications operator experience as pleasant as possible.

Tips for choosing the best rate

Having the rate with the cheapest price is not always the most important already that should also influence other aspects when choosing operator and that we will list below to try to make the experience as a whole appropriate to find the best possible balance between price and service received.

  • The coverage It will be the main factor to keep in mind which will help us to do a first screen taking into account that you can choose between four networks (Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo) while the other virtual operators will use one of these coverages. That an operator has better or worse reputation for coverage should not be decisive to confirm which one is best service offered in the places where usually move normally.
  • Access to 4G networks: Apart from the operator that offers better coverage in a particular area, also you must take into account that not all fees or all operators include access to the 4 G. In addition, not all offer the same characteristics since the 4G emits at different frequencies as we explained that they can do that the actual speed is very different between different operators.
  • Since should choose rates the most adjusted to your needs to not end up pulling the money, it is also very important to know What happens if we exceed the minutes and megabytes of our rate. Both costs are included in the comparative complete but also you can learn in detail how to apply speed reduction when possible to avoid be charged excess data consumed at prices that can make a scare in the invoice.
  • Choose a Mobile to be able to take advantage of all the advantages offered by operators such as HD voice, the 4 G in the 800 MHz band, the 4 G + with speeds of up to 600 Mbps depending on the category of the modem from the phone, voice over 4 G or voLTE. You can Choose Mobile easily with our guide to buy new mobile.
  • Other factors that are not so easy to evaluate until we tested an operator or know any close experience of other users in regards to the quality of customer service, the possibility of self-management online or through app or the impact on billing and facilities to understand the invoices.

Comparative mobile rates

Once cleared the main factors essential to have a good experience, give way to comparisons, and in a first part with a summary of the best rates according to coverage:

Going into detail, we leave you with the comparative complete for certain habits which we have divided into two parts: for those who they just want a mobile line and for those who Additionally looking for internet access at home.


ComparativeConvergentMobile + ADSL orfiber + optional TV

ComparativeConvergentfor familieswith more than one mobile


ComparativeADSL or fiber cheapwithout mobile

ComparativeMobile alternativesADSL and fiber

ComparativeConvergentwithout coveragebut with indirect access

ComparativeConverging ratesAutònoms and companies


ComparativeContract rates0 cents per minute

ComparativeContract rateswith bonus minutes

ComparativeContract rateswith unlimited minutes

ComparativeRates withmore megs or more gigabytes

ComparativeRatesPrepaid card

ComparativeRoaming ratesWhen travelingoutside Spain

ComparativeRates to carrythe fixed mobile

Details according to mobile operator

If you prefer to learn about rates and services of each operator in particular, you can find a detailed overview of all mobile operators classified according to mobile coverage they used. You can see all the details of each operator by clicking on their logo.

  • Movistar coverage:




Digi mobil



  • Vodafone coverage:



Eroski mobile

Hits Mobile


  • Orange coverage:







ION Mobile

Mobile Republic






R cable


Happy Mobile



Jiayu mobile



  • Yoigo coverage:


Apps from which to make calls

  • UppTalk
  • ZeroApp
  • Libon