Do You Want to Looks for Every Day? Forecast with Its New Collection Brings Them Autumn/Winter 2013

Are you not a bit tired of impossible collections? I.e. of those photos with outlandish sets that are made difficult your choice for the day to day. It seems that Forecast It has done the opposite and brings under his arm a series of photos with perfect sets for use in your daily routine.

And over ordered and everything!! Since as we can see on its website highlights different collections according to the inspiration of each of them and the degree of formality you want to inspire with your look. From a simple cardigans with a jeans to a perfect outfit for the big meetings, all the combinations for each style are yours among them?

Raw Luxe

His collection more informal and perfect for every day. We can see how the cardigans are with bones with color buttons Green as predominantly in the entire collection, both in muted as more shades light

In addition to this the lumberjack shirt triumphs in almost every outfit giving informal touch in the collection.


As well his name is inspired by the campus of the universities most prestigious in the world. Combination of colors that resemble the flags of universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.

All of this with an informal and formal mix that makes it ideal for the daily outfits and with the Hunter Husky as garment fetish of the collection, which will be this same trend winter.


They have killed for naming the guys at Forecast! And it is that each collection reminds his name and this could not be less with muted colors and already introducing the American in datasets.

Remember a walk by a big city like New York where comfort is necessary, but without losing the formality and the class.


And finally the class and dependability in a collection, with great coats and perfectly tailored suits. The working meetings and major events rapidly come to mind with classic American and traditional blue and grey tones.

That if we could not miss the Briefcase game with the whole.

If they liked you I recommend strongly that you dig a look at their website where there is a Gallery great pictures such as these, I already have kept me some for future look.