Children’s Shoes: Bibi by Ronaldo Fraga

The stylist miner Ronaldo Fraga if has the world of children and created a new line of footwear for children from 0 (zero) to 12 years. This idea was developed in partnership with Bibi, who is already known to create super cute shoes for kids. Babies and toddlers can also be “fashions”. The booties were wonderful! For boys and for girls.

The Bibi Shoes seeks to develop products anchored in research so that the child welfare is associated with the appearance of the shoe. No matter just a beautiful product. For the brand, the child health is paramount to the mark.

That’s why the brand has developed the “fisioflex” technology which guarantees protection to the feet of small, without affecting the natural development, which includes the walk, the sensitivity and the very health of the feet in General.

The collection Bibi by Ronaldo Fraga is filled with “fofurice” and with the greatest way child to be. Because child need to wear shoes and don’t look like adult before time.

The designer explored well the children’s universe and used the playful theme to create these templates. Pets, wafer, cars, pattern of poá (as doll shoe), ice cream, flowers appear in little shoes! A lot of “fofurice” for children.

Footwear for children by Ronaldo Fraga of Bibi are for sale in various shops throughout the country and in the online store of the brand. Parents and children will love! For those who always get questions about how to present children, this can be a lovely option!

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