BlackBerry Begins The Month with a Round of Layoffs

That is one of the companies with more travel in mobile telephony is not going for a long time for your best moment, but quite the opposite. In fact today we know that BlackBerry has made a new round of layoffs, What would be the latest in a streak that already comes from years ago.

As we move in MobileSyrup, the company confirms that it has carried out a series of layoffs in the offices of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) and Sunrise (Florida, United States), although what remains in doubt is the number of employees.

The Middle explains that it takes receiving information concerning a batch of dismissals for a couple of days, and from many sources. Alleged leaks do not speak of a specific figure, but it seems that he is a considerable amount of employees, approximately 35% of the workforce. A quantity It’s not being “a few employees” as it communicates BlackBerry.

The b-side of the transition

What we know is that BlackBerry is undergoing a transition, and that both dismissals and appointments are a natural consequence when your Terminal software is also undergoing a transition. In fact, this is the pretext that the company explained This new batch of layoffs.

As BlackBerry carries out its transition plan, we continue focused on bringing efficiency to the whole world. This means that we have to find new ways that will allow us to capitalize on the growing communities, as we try to achieve sustainable profitability in all parts of our company. As a result, a small number of employees have been affected in Waterloo and Sunrise. Which also means that BlackBerry is still hiring staff in some areas. We are aware that employees who have had to leave the company have worked hard and are grateful for their commitment and contribution.

Something that the company confirmed recently, after some tracks that he was going to keep releasing phones with Android after its first hybrid, the private BlackBerry In addition, another sign that the decline of BB10 and its ecosystem approaches is the fact that the company close the Built certification program for BlackBerry, the latest initiative launched by the company in order to encourage the development of apps for its platform. Something that happened in a stealthy manner during the month of January.

Many or few, dismissals are

Thus, if we look at the sources of MobileSyrup, Canadian company has about 2,700 employees at the offices of Waterloo. If indeed talk about a 35%, the total number of layoffs would amount to about 950 employees. It refers also to the town of Florida, although it points directly to the number of layoffs already made, speaking of 75 employees during the last month.

At the moment this are nothing more than speculation and we know insurance is that the procedure has been performed in more or less. By 2015, there were at least two rounds of layoffs in May and in July, we will see how face-level template sale you the transition to BlackBerry and if it manages to improve in the next quarterly balance sheet.