Ben Sherman Puts All Color to Autumn That Has Not Put The Spring We like!

Ben Sherman style, Besides being framed in a pop aesthetic, something mod and above all very English, it is characterized by the abundance of colours and a very lively exaggerated color palette. Less even if what we are talking about is in your collection Autumn/winter 2013 / 2014, which as all you would expect, the logical thing would be an abundance of autumn prints and a variety of creams and earthy rather important. Maybe not, both you and I we are wrong by full.

Ben Sherman presents a collection files loaded with Fuchsia, Orange, yellow, green and blue that contrasts with the sobriety of the pants in point, tweed, or box of Wales. A contrast that I feel great and that reminds us to the aesthetics Outkast that trendy began ten years ago: an eclectic style that however follow his patterns.

The quilted, chunky knit jerseys and eights, classic cut with collar oxford shirts or herringbone pants are some of the jewels of the Crown in the form of collection. Psychedelic prints are interspersed with tops and table clothes both vichy in supplements and natural leather linings as well as finishes in furs and feathers, put the finishing a set of clothes that as first results us difficult to fit into the style Ben Sherman.


Sugartown Publishing

Sugartown Publishing