Become Coveted Operator Settings to Connect to The 4G with 5 IPhone Movistar

A few days ago Movistar fired up its own network 4 G, which we didn’t expect in principle until it was available in the 800 MHz band, but that the operator announced during a month early, but not all customers with coverage could connect to it from the first day.

And is that a Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One or Sony Xperia Z owners among others immediately could see the benefits of this new network while the owners of an iPhone 5 monologues to the delay of the arrival of necessary adjustments, which are just now released.

While customers of other operators with 4G running could already enjoy the latest generation of mobile phone networks the MoviStar it failed them with upgrading their iPhone 5 to 7 iOS to connect to it, creating a great discontent among its users as a result.

The complaints have focused both on social networks and in the Movistar community, Forum official support of the operator where the thread dedicated to this topic He has amassed hundreds of messages until Finally this afternoon and after several days in which operator and manufacturer is thrown blame each other Movistar customers with an iPhone 5 have been so coveted settings.

The activation of the 4G iPhone 5 connected to the Movistar network does not imply any complex process, since just call 1004 to activate the service in addition to upgraded to iOS 7 device and access to Adjustments-> General information-> to activate the 4G.

With the arrival of the settings for the 4G from Movistar all clients in coverage of big operators can connect to this network from an iPhone 5, although the Orange not can connect to it in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, where the operator uses the 2600 MHz band not available on Apple devices.