Because There Is Agreement: Foxconn Will Buy Sharp to End of February

The mobile industry moves quickly and new developments and purchases occur constantly. Foxconn, has done the most recent movement but we were already knowing about the topic for months. The last thing we knew about the possible purchase of Sharp by the Chinese giant is that the offer was on the table, pending acceptance by the display manufacturer.

Finally, the agreement has come and now has a date. Foxconn has done with Sharp for an amount that, at the time, there was talk that it was around the 5300 million dollars. Kozo Takahashi, person in charge of Sharp, has been commissioned to transmit to Foxconn his personal commitment that the sale will take place at the end of this month of February. Foxconn, therefore, becomes even stronger in the market of builders and is able to increase its profit margins as now, its ability to manufacture of screens for mobile phones has grown significantly.

6 iPhone screen, separated by iFixit

Sharp and the iPhone

Sharp is a renowned manufacturer of screens for mobile devices. Its main clients include Apple, producing the first panels of the iPhone in seconds. We are not talking about earning less for Sharp as the LCDs for mobile are your most expensive item and, for example, we know that only the iPhone 6 screen triples the price of any other part of the phone. Our processors.

This purchase of Sharp by Foxconn will benefit both the own Foxconn, for the production of screens Sharp, and the same Apple, which will now have one manufacturer less to treat and may entrust the manufacture of screens one of their more powerful partners, the Taiwanese from Foxconn.

It will fail to know, When both companies communicate it, If there are template reset among the staff of Sharp, more than 48,000 employees, and if their places of work will suffer changes with the merger. We know that when a company buys another there are often adjustments, and this case can not be different.