Batman: Arkham Underworld Becomes a Google Play So It Sticks to You Gotham

One of the sagas of films based on comics more connocida is the of Batman, carrying from time immemorial entertaining us. Both consoles and mobile usually leave games based on the films, always driving to the hero of the day to give you a good thrashing villains.

But it is not always the case, in some cases, you can handle the bad guys, which is especially fun to see the variety of them that exist in the Batman saga. This is the case in Batman: Arkham Underworld, the most recent game Warner who has come to Google Play to give you control of Gotham.

Your adventure begins with Enigma and the black cat (Riddler and Catwoman in Latin Spanish, the language that is displayed), having to help the first escape from the prison. Your mission is simple, you must dominate Gotham from the refuge, you have to build. In it you can include things that will make you more money and reputation.

In each mission you can count on the villain in question, and to help you, you have a few followers that they will take part in the dirty work by ti. You can recruit more villains, as the adorably mad Harley Quinn or Killer Croc, as you go through the history and fulfil the missions.

Improve your den as you go getting resources and take control of the city a hit of vandalism and get rid of your opponents. The game is a free download, contains advertising and also in-app purchases if you want to move forward faster. Time performance is decent, but needs some updates to optimize performance and stability.