Autumnal and Practical – the Mustard Yellow Backpack!

Now the autumn is really moved. They call him on the North American continent also often the “Indian summer”, when the late autumn is in a period of unusually dry and warm weather. Here in Germany, the “Indian summer” is almost synonymous with the gold brown colour of the trees that lose their leaves so slowly. These warm colours provide a secure feeling about each of us.

Also fashionable we dress then like us in these autumn colors, to be completely in harmony with our surroundings. Thick sweaters, hats, jackets and co. may decorate then with these colors. Particularly earthy, red and yellow tones here enjoy a great popularity. The accessories should be carefully tuned in this season on our remaining outfit.

We want to imagine the beautiful, stylish backpack “Karajol” from VINTAGEWILL therefore today.
Alone, its shape is something very special and proves to be a genuine space saver for everyday, the Office or the University. The zip can be opened also so far, that you fast access to things that are hidden at the bottom. Perfect for those who quickly lose track of their pockets… ?
But the absolute highlight, what is noticed you probably already on the screen is his incredibly great mustard-yellow color! A dream right now in the autumn. It of something other than black or Brown and proves that one possesses some courage to turn the fall his favorite time of the year. Not only the walk through the town somewhat colourful, but also the next walk in the Woods, where you can enjoy the beautiful sight of the trees is like. Who is then not as brave, can rely on the Karajol backpack in the classic black finish , because this one looks just as beautiful.