As MoviStar Replaces Its Points Program with The New Movis

While Orange abandons his Renove style whereby users could renew its terminal without looking at the number of points that had Movistar It has also changed this month their points program by being MoviStar, new benefits program makes months which now integrated the new method to get new terminals.

The most important changes are not environment to the value of the points, 100 Movis equals a euro of discount, but environment how to obtain them, with purchases at partner companies, and the expansion of customers who will have access to this program, any have a mobile prepaid or contract or even Fusion rate.

As MoviStar already came offering Movistar clients a number of advantages – tickets of film at special price, lowest price menus at McDonalds or discounts on gasoline – but since this month the renovation of terminals is also integrated in this program.

The current points expire on December 15

Customers who already endowed with points can redeem them as usual to deduct them from the price of a new mobile until November 16 or you can exchange them for the new Movis. Now beware, ancient points that have not been redeemed by a new mobile or for Movis will expire if they are not used before 15 December.

Now Movistar customers with mobile prepaid You can access this program and enjoy of the advantages offered by third-party companies but not so in which offers the same operator while only fixed customers can also access the advantages, although there is still no date for incorporation.

How to get new Movis will be bids to be posted on the web, but at the moment none of the published sum balance. What is clear is that as MoviStar supposes a facelift to the points program of the operator, who will be one mixing between the typical points program of a mobile operator and programs of other companies, type Travel Club.