Apple Launches ITunes Pass to Recharge Balance Using Passbook… But Only in Japan

Apple has launched a new way to load balance in our user, called accounts iTunes Pass, Although it has done so exclusively in the Japanese Apple Store. Thanks to him, customers can use the Passbook application on your iPhone and iPod touch to get balance without having to buy gift cards and enter long alphanumeric codes.

The card for Passbook is achieved through the iTunes Store within iOS, with a special button. This card has a QR code that employees of the store scanned How to balance your iTunes account without waiting for anything else. Recharging is done immediately, so we can start to use the balance after talk with the staff of the Apple Store.

It is certainly a very comfortable way to place balance to spend on songs and applications, even if it is only active in Japan at the moment. And may never see it in other countries: in Japan prefer to have balance and not pay with credit cards while in the majority of countries in the rest of the world rather the opposite is. Or perhaps Japan will serve as a Guinea pig until iTunes Pass to expand to the rest of the world… all is to see if the Japanese well adopt this new.