Apple Confirms That The #Celebgate Was an Attack on Passwords and Not a Bug in ICloud

#Celebgate, that is perhaps the word that more has been heard and read all over Internet. For you do not know, has been greater filtration of personal photographs of famous people to date. A filtration media hurried to blame Apple due to alleged failure in iCloud. In Cupertino they all got to work to investigate that it could have occurred with these accounts of celebrities and have today confirmed what many thought us: the leaks have not been due to a failure in iCloud or Find my phone.

According to the release that just sent Apple a few minutes ago, after more than 40 hours of research have come to the conclusion that the filtration It was not caused by any failure or bug in the system. What happened then? It seems to be that both accounts and passwords of some celebrities have been compromised due to a directed attack brute force to their names of account, passwords, and security questions. If we read between the lines to know what happened to least: accounts, questions of security and the famous affected passwords they were not safe enough.

From Apple (and any similar service provider) has always insisted on our password security. To make a key at all safe must contain numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase and punctuation. From there our account safety is real, but if you want even more is highly recommended to enable the identification in two steps to practically any service provider it has currently implemented.