Always The Best Is Go: Ten Things That We Said Goodbye on Android This 2016

We already reach the end of the year and normal at this time is to take stock of the best of the year. But life is full of good and bad times, and during the year we have also had that say goodbye some of our singers and favorite actors and focusing on Android, another application and device.

We have compiled this post ten things that we said goodbye on Android this 2016, some of them with penalty, others perhaps with little more than indifference, but all of them are worthy of a small tribute.

Chrome to Phone (2010-2016)

Death date: 1 April 2016

Chronologically we started our review with the first that left us: Chrome to Phone. An extension for Google Chrome that It was bridge between the PC and Android via its application. Although it was not updated from 2013, Google decided to annihilate it in the second quarter of the year.

Now Chrome to Phone still available on Google Play but It has disappeared from the Chrome Extensions store and you don’t have any support. I.e., if you still have the extension it is possible to work… or not, Google gives you the same.

The chronological order of Instagram (2012-2016)

Death date: 4 June 2016 (aprox.)

The second to leave us this year has been the chronological order of publications on Instagram: ordered publications of more modern to oldest. After Facebook and Twitter, the next to get the truck was Instagram, and in this case not even you can opt to return to chronological mode.

Social networks love to use algorithms to position publications because they trust that they can best capture your attention and also represent a disruption of the power of a publication, which does not depend on already only time and fans, but of other factors. And, of course, opens the door to improve this position, upon payment of advertising.

Widget for Twitter (2013-2016)

Death date: 26 July 2016

Instagram went to Twitter, which this year introduced a few changes in your application to adapt to the new times and pass, took the opportunity to get rid of some ballast in the form of the Widget for Android.

The widget went from display a message warning that it was not already supported to disappear completely. Who wants a Twitter widget today, must use a client or third-party widget.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (2016 – 2016)

Death date: 10 October 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7. We just had time to get to know you. Eras so young, you had divine specifications and a luxury design and were always full of energy. Too much power for your small body. Rest in peace.

After one and two recalls, the Galaxy Note 7 is officially discontinued. Despite attempts, more and less aggressive for the return of sold handsets, who continues with his and intend to continue, so we could technically say that Note 7 is not alive, not dead, but the opposite, is a zombie.

Project ARA (2014-2016)

Death date: 2 September 2016

In 2016 also died our dream of modular phone formed and expanded by means of small blocks with interchangeable components. Rick Osterloh extended thumb down to reviewing the future prospects of the Ara project.

Currently review project remains operational, although there is hardly anything as well as a video. On Twitter there is absolute silence since May and at the moment we do not know if someone will take care of continue the legacy or if it will end up in the trash full.

Sunrise Calendar (2014-2016)

Death date: 14 September 2016

Sunrise Calendar was one of the most beloved calendar applications, so when Microsoft bought it by 2015 more than one had cold sweats covering her back. Initially commented that Microsoft would keep Sunrise with life as a stand-alone application, but a year later his future was written: the extinction.

After an execution attempt failed on 1 September, Microsoft left him to live two weeks extra while I had just updated Outlook with some of the new features inspired by Sunrise. Now Sunrise lives as tab in an email application, It is not much, but it is better than nothing.

Nexus (2010 – do 2016?)

Death date: 4 October 2016

This year we saw the end of the line of devices designed by Google and built by a partner which varies from time to time. In return, we got Google Pixel and Pixel XL, the first phones “by Google”, having more hook.

Google “doesn’t want to close any door” with respect to Nexus phones, although it admits that no plan there is so far of new devices. We cannot therefore say that the Nexus are dead at all, but rather in a deep coma, and we will see if they recover.

Blackberry phones “truth” (2015-2016)

Death date: 16 December 2016

We haven’t had too much contact with BlackBerry to BlackBerry PRIV, DTEK50 and DTEK60 exceptions in Android, but that doesn’t mean that it does not sadden us that one of the greats of yesteryear ends up pulling the towel and taking the brand to TCL.

As it announces the BlackBerry, “is the new Blackberry software” website, so even if technically We will continue seeing some other mobile with Blackberry words printed on its casing, is not the same. Rest in peace.

CyanogenMod (2009-2016)

Death date: 31 December 2016

We believed that this year already had stopped torturing us taking everything we like when he was confirmed at the last minute the death of CyanogenMod, as we know it. Own note on the blog of CM is so dry and simple which seems to have been written by the Concierge before closing the door.

Lineage OS the baton will pick up, but it remains to be seen if it will be the same, better or worse than the CM that we know and love to a greater or lesser extent. We will know more in the coming days and weeks, but at the moment we can get used to the new name, which is as complicated as the old.

I came (2013-2016)

Death date: 31 December 2016 (aprox.)

The social network of short videos is not officially dead today, but it was diagnosed an incurable case of Terminal Twitteritis by which it will be deactivated to coincide with the start of the new year.

At some point of January 2017, I came transmutar√° it came camera and will become a repository of the past short vines. Meanwhile you can download your vines and try and persuade your followers that you continue somewhere else.

Do you know some other application, service or function to which we said goodbye during this year in Android? What has he given you more grief from the previous ones? Let us know your opinion in the comments, and that rest in peace all of them.