5 Questions to the Sweatpants: Between Cult Object, Couch-Styling and Fashion

Or: The who, what, when, how and why of a casual fashion classic

I thought, I don’t believe my eyes: there is actually a world day of sweatpants! This was officially the last Tuesday, 21 January, proclaimed. What sounded first almost absurd to me, quickly brought me to think. Because there is – in addition to the jeans – in fact no other trousers that is as democratic, that she populated probably almost every wardrobe. But really a fashion star jogging pants? The original form of running trousers today is what role? Who carries them, why and how? I admit, I have on the one hand mixed feelings, on the other hand very clear positions. I repeatedly get requests on this subject, I thought it is time for the 5 W questions to the jogging pants: the what, who, when, how and why of a sporting fashion classic.

1. What is the sweatpants and where does it come?

A jogging pants are almost iconography. If the term falls, each of us has the image of a gray, ruffled at waist elastic band and ankle cuffs, schlabbrig-fitting cotton trousers in the head immediately. The jogging pants was originally part of a jogging suit, which was increasingly worn especially in the 80’s. Then came the jogging as a modern sport in fashion and the “sweat suit” (German: “SWEATSUIT”) should – as the name suggests – when running the sweat soaking up. Today there are many different forms of sweatpants available at FANCIESTPANTS.COM: more and closer, long and short, cheap and expensive. The most expensive jogging pants, which I’ve found is from the finest cashmere and over 1,000 euros. Yes, so far has succeeded in even the original pair of running trousers.

2. who wears jogging pants?

After the athletes of the 80s came years of the 90s, the hip-hoppers and declared the jogging pants to her cult object. Oversized and together with Flash gold jewelry was the pants of the rapper’s Guild. This coined them not only the look of a whole generation of music, but was dismissed as uniform by upstart with often criminal past and dubious fame. She never quite got rid of the smell of the road, but after even celebrities like Madonna proudly wore their sweatpants in public, attention was also the fashion jet set on the chaps.

“Designers constantly attempt to heave the sweatpants in the fashion Olympus.”

So, the first trendy outfits with schlabbriger cotton pants finally saw the light of day. Since then, designers from different countries keep trying to heave the sweatpants in the fashion Olympus. She could but never really shake off the charm of their fraternity. And so it is that editors in a part of the world stage the classic slacks to the fashion hype, while in another part of the world groups dressed on the streets depend on socially disadvantaged, young men and women with jogging pants and hoodies. The silent majority however remains anonymous, Frolics are on paths and in the ski gymnastics or sitting on the couch in the living room softer and continue her jogging pants.

3. When do you wear jogging pants?

As we now know, the jogging pants is actually a functional sport pants. There are alternatives in the meantime plenty, because as feature sportswear, jogging pants has served long ago. Just recently I was in one of the leading fashion magazines admire a whole fashion shoot, in which stood a grey jogging trousers at the heart of the styling experiments. Thus, the piece should be made fine Office.

“I am firmly convinced that jogging pants have no place in the professional life of a grown woman.”

As far as I’m concerned, the editors have sought but free. Because I am firmly convinced that jogging pants have no business not in the professional life of a grown woman – at least in the public part of it. Jogging pants are for me the sport on the way there or on the evening coffee. Also a budget – or Home-Office-tag is good to survive with this comfortable, uncomplicated leg wear. And you should really even a few days in the hospital, spend in rehab or in other health care facilities or otherwise handicapped among be – you have my approval to wear a tracksuit bottoms.

The sweatpants at the Office, when shopping, pick up the kids from school or to make only a few errands? I don’t think that stylistically at least borderline, for myself I have ruled out long ago. I leave the young fashionistas of this world like this styling project. I think each so unimaginative Jeans with T-shirt outfit anyway better than the obviously negligent, misshapen image with all its associations, giving off a jogging pants on the road. You see, I’m very conservative.

4. How do you wear jogging pants?

Also there are in the relevant media, numerous opinions and suggestions. Street style fashionistas swear by it that jogging pants can be really chic make only with high heels. You prove it with wild combinations, where blouses, Blazer and booties or astronomically high-heeled pumps to make City-fine jogging pants.

I find jogging pants fit only three types of footwear: sneakers, slippers or thick, non-slip socks. This includes a T-Shirt or Camisole, an oversized Cardigan, a sweater or a hooded sweatshirt and the cozy look is ready for home. For all other occasions, I Dodge on jeans with stretch. These are at least as convenient and practical to use and see this much better – just on something stronger built women.

This is also the reason why I wear long no jogging pants to sport. Rather, I’ve replaced them against the much more figure-friendly Jazz pants. You be on flat belly, butt and thighs to waist, something wide to welcome from the knee and fall almost to the ground – that flatters almost every female character. In addition, they are in modern, to have even tighter high-tech materials that provide not only optimal climatic conditions, but even for a great lifting and supporting effect in the right places. Priceless!

5. Why do you wear jogging pants?

This brings me to the last question, which is arguably the most difficult: why bother fashionable women still, be sure to combine a featureless, schlabbriges and fat advertising piece of clothing which even the stubborn smell of the ghetto is a somehow attractive outfit? This feat is only the least, mostly very young, thin and tight women who can bring some stylish casualness probably still a completely featureless material. But what should move “ordinary” women to take this risk, when there are so many, figured far more beneficial and easier alternatives to combine? And what detail I missed only, which justifies the existence of a world day of jogging pants? I’m afraid I will no longer have to solve the mystery.

Now I’m looking forward to your opinion: wear jogging pants? And if so, how and on what occasion it comes at you out of the closet? Courage: I am looking forward also to different opinions – so much tolerance must be.