ZTE Axon 7: Cheap Galaxy S7 Alternative in Laboratory Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The axon 7 is the first ZTE Smartphone that can take on Samsung Galaxy S7 & co.. It plugs into a noble as simple aluminum enclosure. The high-quality screen, good sound and convincing brightness auto of camera shots (HDR) delighted in the test. An advantage of the axon 7: It is cheaper than the famous brand devices. Best price on the Internet: 392,70 euro * this product at Amazon order pro quality great, Extensible memory sharp camera with good HDR function large, sharp display against no Inductive charging test note of the editorial 2.32 good users rating now rate in China ZTE has been for years of one of the major manufacturers in Germany is known the company for price-performance blockbuster like the ZTE blade V6 and V7 blade, Lite. The ZTE Axon 7 to take over, however, iphone 6 and Galaxy S7 edge’s from mid-September with top devices. In the practical test, the ZTE Axon 7 already made a good figure. Now there are also the results from the laboratory and Our site. How good is the axon 7 really?

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How good is the best smartphone of the Chinese manufacturer ZTE? Can it compete against the Galaxy S7? The test clarifies the facts! ZTE Axon 7 in the test: How good is the China’s flagship?

Design: curves like at BMW

The axon 7 comes in a sleek and chic full metal housing. Material is anodized, this lightly textured on aluminium, to have in Germany either in gold or dark grey. The rounded body fits well in the hand, is not exactly a light-weight but with 176 grams. No wonder: With its 5.5 inch display the axon 7 to the class of technology cars belongs to iphone 6 S, comparable to plus. Although developed in China, a lot of German influence inside the axon 7: ZTE Chief Designer is the German Hagen Fendler. ZTE also has its own design center in Munich, where it has already designed the blade V7 Lite for some time. Peculiarity in the axon 7: here the design agency designworks participated, a subsidiary of the BMW Group, which operates otherwise include in automotive design. Inspired by BMW & co. Get up 7 especially organic curves to the axon. Indeed, one feels in the recess at the rear, which intuitively to the fingerprint sensor to guide the fingers on the keys, on the beading and curves, which can be found also in car bodies. Basically the design but is similar to what one already knows about the aluminium housings of the HTC one M9 or Huawei Mate S.

The first phone with Dolby Atmos

Aluminium send fast processors, and other manufacturers offer good cameras. At one point, but the 7 ZTE Axon is at the front: with surround audio. In addition to two powerful front speakers are also two special audio chips from AKM (AK-4490- and AK4461 chipsets) installed for audio playback and recording, which can be found according to ZTE in-Hi-Fi class about in the luxury MP3 player iriver Astell & core AK380. The speakers provide not only for quasi-stereo sound, but even for all-round sound. Since the axon 7 is the first Smartphone with Dolby Atmos technique, in which the sound thanks to sophisticated frequency tricks from up and down seems to come. Trying it out with demos, the Dolby technology sounded very powerful and room-filling, through headphones, as well as through the built-in speaker. For his own music recordings, two microphones are built like in many Smartphones in this class. The supplied headset is visually similar to the iphone headphones.

The hardware: A strong package

The fast Snapdragon 820 processor from Qualcomm, which is about even with the oneplus 3 used, powers the ZTE Axon 7, flanked in the European model of 4 gigabytes (GB) of memory. Thus, it reaches a very decent speed, even if it does not approach the record levels of the oneplus 3 with 6 gigabytes of memory. Also the large and super sharp 5.5 inch screen (2560 x 1440 pixels) made by the competitor Samsung itself, can take on gorilla glass 4, bold colors and high contrast AMOLED technology (2241:1), with the competition. Only when the brightness, disappointed the axon 7, note 7 with 412 candela achieved only about half of the almost simultaneously appearing Samsung Galaxy. The free memory is good size with 51 of 64 gigabytes, was expandable by microsdxc card in the test to the current maximum (200 GB). LTE (including the LTE bands important for Germany 20 to 800 mhz) is also fitted with up to 300 Mbps, Wi-Fi-ac with two antennas streams (up 867 Mbps). The battery is mah while everything else as small with 3,250, but handed it in the test only for ten hours and 26 minutes running time with heavy use.

ZTE Axon 7: impressions from the Galaxy Challenger

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The software: Android with tools

The axon 7 runs with Android 6.0.1, should be prepared according to ZTE but already for Android N and its sophisticated VR daydream mode. There is no schedule for the update to Android but N. Many of the practical details with which the ZTE developers aufgehübscht have the normal Android are striking. So you can the phone and is so set that it assumes on request every day at a certain time in the morning by alone again turns on. There is an own toolbar that makes important functions can be reached also with one hand (MI-pop). It is possible the Smartphone instead of via via voice unlock, with the mobile phone releases access only if a password set in advance is actually spoken by the owner. Who longer rummages in the settings, you will find many practical details.

Camera with good lens automatic

The axon 7 has a 20 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization (OIS), powerful aperture (f/1.8) and front-facing camera with 88 degree wide angle and 6-megapixel sensor. The shots were impressively good. Here, the axon 7 turned on automatically in the HDR mode, by cleverly matched multiple exposure many details were also on the really dark foreground motif to recognize. Opposite the oneplus 3, the axon 7 also boasts an optical image stabiliser, avoiding shaky images even with a long exposure time. As usual in the meantime, the axon 7 also offers a manual photo mode, in which values such as exposure time, sensitivity and more separately have set. Photos by fixed test charts in the lab however, the axon-7 camera revealed to clear noise. Also video recordings were quite sharp with 4 K (2160 p), but were also significant noise. The shots of the front camera impressed in the test with relatively good quality. A slow-motion function is missing.

Overview: the best smartphones

100 mobile phones Apple, HTC, Samsung, LG & co.

Dual-SIM only with memory card waiver

The axon 7 is well equipped with LTE (up to 300 Mbps). The Chinese test device was still common in Germany LTE-800-mhz frequency (volume 20), but she should be included in the version available in this country. The axon 7 can accommodate two Nano-SIM cards. Who wants to take advantage of the dual-SIM feature however, must waive for ranked microsdxc card. 64 GB internal memory (50 GB), which is likely bearable be free for most users but, unless they wear not their complete music or photo collection on your Smartphone with want.

The price is hot

The axon 7 can be ordered from now, such as Amazon, later also at retailers such as Media Markt. The price is 449 euros. For the performance, which is very inexpensive, so that ZTE is about 100 euros cheaper than Samsung for its top models. China competitor of oneplus offers its flagship of oneplus 3 again 50 Euro discount for 399 euros. The oneplus 3 has a simpler design, faster software, but less memory. Moreover, the oneplus lack the slot for memory cards and the optical image stabilization in the camera. So the 7 just before the oneplus 3 ZTE Axon can sit, is but a touch behind the honor 8, which offers more, but thanks to the weaker processor. Especially in battery life

Conclusion: ZTE Axon 7

There’s new competition for Samsung, Huawei & co.! The ZTE Axon 7 impresses with good workmanship, simple European embossed design and a really good at least in daylight camera. ZTE has what it takes to play along in the concert of great brands in the long term such as Huawei. Western Europe-Chef Scott Zhang anyway, eyeing a market share of 4% in Germany within the next 12 to 18 months and wants to move Europe-wide from 5th to 4th place. According to Huawei and oneplus a Chinese manufacturers in the future must remember.