Work in the Countryside: O2 Mobile Office

With notebook, Tablet and Smartphone in Sunshine outdoors be creative: O2 and our site searched for a company that uses the grounds of the hotel of Gräflicher Park Grand Resort with up to ten employees as a mobile office. In a creative workshop, the participants should the O2 Mobile phone network at its breaking point drive.
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Works in the countryside: the team

Our site chose the pixels from all applicants for the mobile office-from kraft gmbh. The advertising agency created for their clients including Web pages, 360-degree video and realized performances for social networks or ads for newspapers and magazines. Managing Director Christoph Ziegeler brought seven staff at the 4-star resort on the edge of the Teutoburg Forest. In addition to working in the mobile office were ess too much variety: in the spa area of the resort, on the trip in a climbing or the many delicious meals in the restaurant.

With O2 Mobile Office

15 impressions so’s works in the green

Focuses on: the O2 network

Each equipped with O2 tariff blue date L with 6 gigabytes of data volume, mobile Huawei hotspot and iphone SE participants to work in different locations on a 64-hectare hotel grounds found themselves a. To Christoph Ziegeler: mobile working is possible if to prepare accordingly. With mobile battery (power banks) for smartphones and tablets. For everyone in the team as a powerhouse there to do so, which they may retain permanently together with the Mobile hotspot. Continue to each participant may use the O2 tariff blue date L twelve months of completely free.

WLAN versus UMTS and LTE

The O2 network played out, where the Wi-Fi signal subsides or breaks off his strengths mainly outside the hotel walls. When working in the cloud, and HD video streaming, LTE is essential according to the testers, for other applications such as Internet browsing, Google maps with street view and video telephony makes the modern fast O2 UMTS network a good figure.
For O2 customers: now 2 GB surf volume free dusting!

Mobile Office: tops & flops

The opportunity out there to work (Christina Duhme) was consistently praised. Tim Ziegeler was working in the Green another significant advantage: you could focus on projects without being disturbed. But missing several employees a second monitor and your own PC with installed programs (Jens-Peter Tesch).

Says the team of pixel-virtue

The opinions of the tester