What can a Tailor Do to a Dress Shirt

Here is today an article of Laurent R, a reader who has tested, as you will see, in a manner very rigorous two shirts services tailor-made in the same vein as the shirts Surmon31. Good reading!

The shirt tailor made today

Although the men’s shirt is a basic that can be found everywhere, it is quite difficult to find happiness, especially when we have a “different standard” template With my 1 m 77 and 63 Kg (thin), find it me very difficult to find good quality with a well waisted cut shirts. To overcome this problem, we can go through the custom box.

However, who says shirt tailor-made, said shirt which will cost candy. Everyone doesn’t have the means to go to Courtot and to buy a shirt at €200. Fortunately for us, there are also a range of more affordable prices for made-to-measure shirts at Mensshirtsshop, including dress shirts for men.

Like Benedict, I myself decided to get into this adventure with Tailor Store and New workshops, who took a ‘bread and butter’: white shirt.

Before starting directly at the comparison of the shirts, I want to introduce the two brands to the quite different concept.

Tailor Store is, as who should say, the tailor-made low-typical cost: a website on which it registered its measures. However, as soon as you start to create his little shirt, we realize that the possibility of customization of shirt is very complete. If you dreamed you dress up as two-Face, it is possible to make a shirt White on one side and black on the other.

There is also the wide choice of fabric: 285… some of whom have when even very bollywood or grandmother curtain, admittedly. Note also the possibility to create a chino, a pique polo and even… a boxer! For what is the price of the shirt, it oscillates between €45 and €130, depending on the fabric and the options (I in going to talk later).

What new workshops, they can be found in Paris, on the street Saint Honore near the Halles (the site is still under construction). Their specialty is the ‘scanner’. In other words, you enter, underwear, a room in which the machine will analyze you to recover your measurements for the made-to-measure shirt.

Admittedly, it’s pretty gadget! Head, it seems to me that it has the right to about 30 different fabrics that stand out in three categories that correspond to three price: 35, 65 and 125. Note also that it is possible to create costumes made to measure, for a price of around €500.

Test Tailor Store VS new workshops: our view

First point to check, the rigidity of the neck:

To this point, it’s perfect for both, although I find that the collar of the shirt of at NA tends to bulge. Whales, it is necessary to make the request at NA so that they make them removable… While for TS, it is a option fee to € 5.95. And just like the pass, wrists are nickel chrome also.

I keep inspecting the buttonhole. For TS, I notice a wire sticking out, but overall, it is very correct. For against, it has at least a thread that exceeds for each button:

(TS 1-NA 0)

Then you move into the finishes at the level of the wrist… and for the two sewn is OK, nothing to say about!

Then the armpits… and there, a yellow card for the two shirts, we’re far from perfect alignment…

(note of Benedict: on this one, Laurent is very hard with these two shirts, because it is far from catastrophic, especially for the Tailor Store, and it does not affect any on the strength, cutting or comfort 😉)

For this comparison, so I took two fabrics with a range of more or less equivalent price (€55 for TS and €65 for NA). Both are pretty decent quality end, but not transparent. Shirt from TS takes, on the other hand, more light, so as that of NA must contain a blend of cotton and elastane, since it is much less.

Finally, the most important in my eyes, the cutting point. For NA, all were made by machine, so that TS, I myself took my measurements. Here’s what happens:

Rather obvious observation, the bending of the shirt NA is rather missed. I would also like to note that they use tongs (Incidentally, they are rather bad qualities). Next, the TS shirt doesn’t have a clip and I found it pleasantly well fitted and it’s rather nickel at armpit level : I do have to tuck my shirt when I grab a shoe over my closet box.

On the other hand, because I have thin arms, it floats a little at the level of the sleeves. But for what is TS, it is possible to specify the size of the biceps (which I did not).

New workshops and Tailor Store reviews

Without appeal, I am not very excited to return home new workshops, I also have to retouch the shirt I bought (the height for a made-to-measure shirt). What Tailor store, I am quite satisfied, whether on the bend or the customization possibilities.

What I deplore, however, are rather expensive options (€6 for removable whales and about as much for the buttons in mother-of-Pearl).

I recommend the first, that put a lot on marketing to my eyes (magnetic box, shop in the center of Paris with a “scanner”…) and recommend Tailor Store, even if it is not possible to touch the fabric before making his choice.