The Size of Galaxy 5, S6 Edge + and S6 Compared in Some Render

As we saw yesterday, intensified rumors suggesting the arrival of Galaxy 5 Galaxy and S6 Edge + for 12 August, although it will be most likely to launch exclusively dedicated to USA and Korea for 5 Notes in relation to the presentation of the new Samsung Pay service.

Thus, although the European market seems to be still far away, the two new devices are getting more real and here appear in a new dimensional comparison proposed, which proposes the comparison with a Terminal known to all — Galaxy S6. The images allow us to appreciate how the two new phablet Samsung have fairly similar and as Galaxy S6 Edge + appears to be the thinnest of the trio and how she lines very similar to Galaxy S6, so as you can see better by design “Edge reversed” already assumed for Galaxy 5.

As we said at the beginning, the two new Notes 5 and S6 Edge + should not be initially available on the European market, there only remains to wait for the alleged official presentation that should take place in less than a month, so find out more details about the timing of the global release.

  • Samsung Galaxy 5is available online from Amazon Marketplace at 565 euros or from ePRICE in 849 euro. The price is decent and there are 6 better models.
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plusis available online from ePRICE to 529 euro. The price is decent and there are 5 better models.
  • Samsung Galaxy S6is available online from ePRICE at 399 euros. Good value for money and is one of the best devices in this price range.