The First Benchmark of Galaxy S5 Neo Show Interesting Results for Exynos 7580

We’re back speaking of Galaxy S5 Neo, review of Galaxy S5 destined to the midrange. As we have seen in past weeks, S5 Neo stands out from the original almost exclusively for the adoption of the new platform Exynos 7580, consisting of a CPU 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53 from octa core 64 bit and a Mali-T720. The first benchmark of new solution Exynos show us what are the performance of the CPU side of SoC and offer us some interesting results that are worth discussing.

As you can see from the image, the result obtained in acronyms core reaches 724 points, while the multi core reaches a remarkable score of 3724 points. To have a basis for comparison, while remaining at home Samsung, the new Exynos 7580 gets significantly lower scores in single core than those obtained from the Snapdragon 801 of Galaxy S5, which, by consulting the tables of Geekbench, shows a score of around 900 points, but the performance in multicore see Exynos 7580 sharply excelling because of “only” 2775 points recorded on media Galaxy S5.

7580 Exynos values are even more interesting if compared to those of the SoC direct competitor to Qualcomm Snapdragon 615or House. Considering the variant equipped with Snapdragon 615 of Galaxy A7, you notice how the latter obtains a score of 663 points in single-core and multicore 2728 points, showing us how the solution Exynos 7580 is superior in both fields, and with a very high margin in the category multi core.

In short, although the benchmarks are not the mirror device performance and still lack of details about the version of the Mali-T720 used, the new SoC Exynos 7580 appears as a solution far more interesting than what you might think initially it shows us how the coreCortex-A53 are able to offer very interesting and performance that may not make regret the “old” Snapdragon 801 but on the contrary could bring improvements in some areas.

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