Stonex One, Stonex Announces the Temporary Closure of Sales

Stonex announced that it had temporarily closed its sales Stonex One. This closure was due to the impossibility of being able to “handle the overwhelming number of requests that were received”.

As stated, would arrive over 100,000 people on the site with a “ tACE of conversion that could safely guarantee the sale of 10 thousand StonexOne in a few hours. “

Here is the text of the post published on the official page of Stonex One on Facebook:

Hi all Breakers, the speaker here is Francis and David. As we told you before, we have gathered to figure out how to proceed in the face of what happened today.
We just finished reading all numbers of # StonexDay and I assure you, although some of you are pissed off Black, that are extraordinary.
They arrived on our site more than 100 thousand people with a possible conversion rate that could safely guarantee the sale of 10 thousand # StonexOne in a few hours. Why today we are selling only 300 pieces is because we wanted to give priority to those who had priority: opening of orders now was only for those who had reached the goal of SmashPhone or had entered the site in April. As we talked, we don’t have the distribution capacity to simultaneously handle the overwhelming number of requests that were received today. It’s important for us to focus on the user.
Reading your comments however, we realized that many there were really bad.This is why we have decided to close sales, temporarily, and to prepare ourselves to be able to process multiple phones can

In the morning, Stonex had announced the beginning of sales of Stonex One in Italy. The intention was to sell 300 phones daily with temporal availability, that is, once the 300 phones every day, you were supposed to wait for the next day’s 12 to try to buy again.

Remember that next week will start the “Stonex One Meeting” at the headquarters Stonex and Leonardo at Monza. Anyone interested in attending is invited to read the details on our forum.