Stonex One for Sale: 300 Devices Per Day Every Day from 12:00

Officially starts the sale Stonex One in Italy. After many videos, pictures, teasers, stories and anecdotes, the new smartphone in the Stonex arrives on the market. A product that has done so much about whether and which has leveraged social media, websites and social media to advertise making smart audience of users more attentive to news. “To talk about good or bad does not matter, the important thing is that we speak” and never as in the case of Stonex One this maxim has been applied.

Ininizalmente some controversy, bickering on facebook even with the leadership of the company, promises, makeup, prototypes and eventually the end of July has arrived … and also your phone. Hello OS is still under development but the phone is still sold with “stock” Android practically, some aesthetic customization of icons, background and ringtone but nothing really custom. A software-based Mediatek can offer excellent performance and powerful hardware and perfectly at ease in the price range in which you go to place “One”.

Stonex One will be available at the price of 299 € every day at 12. Will be sold 300 phones everyday and purely temporal availability. This means that once the 300 phones every day, you will have to wait for the next day’s 12 to try to buy again.

Shipments of smartphones purchased will leave the 1 August, the day on which you will be charged for Stonex One on the credit card with which you made your purchase. Deliveries are scheduled in 2/3 working days. Will of course be taken into account also the priority acquired in April through the preorder performed and the score playing SmashPhone.

Note: for the first few days, timing that will depend on how many will be customers who will buy it having already had priority, sales will give priority to those who have already preordered it and to those who have made the play and you are classified.

Probably, in the early days, there will be a major sales and availability ASAP poor which will increase with time.

It only remains to wait for our review or jump in purchase from day one on the official site Stonex.

From next week will start the “Stonex One Meeting” at the headquarters Stonex and Leonardo at Monza. Anyone interested in attending is invited to read the details on our forum.