Stonex One and Hazy Sign the Agreement for the Development of Hi OS

Get a new press release by Stonex announcing a deal with Team Hazy, guys who are developing a series of rom for smartphones. The announcement, although arrivals today, is actually “old” as the boys collaborate with the editorial One and stonex Stonex we know that optimization of the ROM currently on Stonex One is also about them since it’s from at least may we have confirmations that the guys from Hazy Stonex One working on the project. Apart from this you can read the press release below:

Big news for the operating system Android-based OS, Stonex One Hello Lollipop, which will be developed “many hands” thanks to the Union of the Northern Italian team and Hazy, online platform founded in 2013 which brings together some of the developers active in various forums dedicated to Android in order to work on developing a new custom ROM.

Thanks to this new agreement, the team Hazy thus joins at full capacity to draft Stonex One. Some of their members come in effect become part of the team from Brianza, while the rest of the group will contribute to the development of the ROM of the new octa-core Android, 5.5 ” Quad HD working in Open Source.

“We in the team Hazy we are excited to begin this adventure with Stonex”, says group of young developers. “We followed the evolution of the project from the very beginning and we have always believed in its value. Thus began our partnership in open source with which we will try to bring you to the highest levels a device that already promises to amaze and we will do it as usual, for those who know us, in a big way. “

“We had anticipated and promised that we would have gone in search of the best programmers of Italy – said Francesco Facchinetti, Creative Director at Stonex, and now we can say that we have succeeded, at least for this initial part, on this mission! We are very happy to have crossed the road for these guys, because they can be truly considered Hazy among the best in the industry! “