Sony Xperia X Compact: New Mini’s Flagship in the Practice Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Sony Xperia X compact revived the dying breed of mini smartphones with fresh middle-class hardware. The work pace is thanks to the six core processor on the amount of time and the 23-megapixel camera can take on iphone 6 S even Apple’s. A XZ Compact has not become but, for this, Sony has made too many cuts in the plastic design and the remaining facilities. Per fast work tempo good rear camera display despite HD resolution sharp fingerprint sensor against slippery back weak front camera battery not changeable assessment of editorial good IFA 2016 started (2 to 7 September 2016 in Berlin) and also the great rendezvous of the manufacturer. The high-tech giants including Sony have all kinds of news from the world of technology in the luggage. In addition to the new smartphone’s flagship Xperia XZ, the Japanese introduced another device: the Sony Xperia X compact. The successor of the Z5 compact Sony pulls a special ACE up the sleeve, with which a manufacturer in the hopelessly overcrowded smartphone market can still fall. Because while the competitors are addicted to the XXL display delusion, the traditional manufacturer thinks a number back less. Our site has seen the mini Smartphone.

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The Sony Xperia enqueues itself seamlessly in the revised Smartphone line-up X compact but which own benefits? Sony Xperia X compact check: compact power pack?

Mini Smartphone with a preference for plastic

129 x 65 x 9, 5 mm for easy 135 grams earned the nickname the Xperia X compact without any doubt. A strategy that could pay off for Sony. Small, handy smartphones under 5 inches are almost extinct in the Smartphone world today. Instead, Phablets dominate the public and dealers shelves. There are smaller alternatives with high-end facilities mainly by Apple with the iphone 6 (4.7 inches) and the iphone SE (4 inches). In the Android space, comparable devices a maximum on one hand can be counted. The compact X forges ahead with its 4.6-inch and current technology now in similar magnitude. Design, Sony is based on the larger XZ flagship: rounded sides instead of corners and edges are now the motto. On the high-quality workmanship of the XZ the more compact device of the new Sony duo does not match but. For cost reasons, the manufacturer uses only on plastic, which proves very slippery by the piano lacquer finish. Another difference to the big brother: the Compact is not waterproof due to its plastic construction. The depth to load something from almost 1 cm makes the X compact then also no longer be so compact.

Sony Xperia X tried compact: mini-Smartphone

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Display: in Apple’s footsteps

Design lies in the eye of the beholder, the integrated technology, however, leaves little room for discussions: the 4.6-inch small screen doesn’t make the now usual full-HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), uses the visible lower HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels) instead. A pixel soup is still not there: through the lower diagonal, the density of pixels with 324 ppi quite high and the human eye is sufficient enough. Thus the X Compact is iphone 6s almost just as sharp as (326 ppi). With the high screen brightness and of good color representation, the small Sony ahead of the Apple competition need not to hide.

Middle-class CPU and USB-type-C

Technically is the new Sony double not on a par, the X compact no Xperia XZ in miniature format is different than even the Z5 and the Z5 compact! In addition to the already-themed smears on the screen resolution, there are clear differences inside. First and foremost, that stands out in the processor. Instead of rapid Snapdragon-820-power, the six processor cores of the Snapdragon 650 with a clocking of 4 x 1, 2 x 1, 4 ghz and 8 work in the Compact. There are also 3 gigabytes of memory. The hardware from the upper middle class is sufficient for a liquid work everyday, even for computationally-intensive apps. The battery (2,700 mah) benefits by the CPU clock rate lower compared to the XZ first and foremost. Long term tests were not possible until now, trying it out, the percentage decreased but quite slowly. Available also in the X compact: the new type C USB, fast data connections to LTE and Wi-Fi ac and current Bluetooth 4.2. Default and NFC.

Small camera reference

Two cameras Sony has created the special offer on the chain at least with the rear camera. The front 5-megapixel lens compared to the XZ drops visibly, raises the rear also rich 23 megapixel snapping off. Thus, it offers a rare unprecedented image quality in such size regions. This is the interaction of an auto focus that predicted future movements, the laser focus and a special sensor for the white balance. Only downside: the new 4K-Videomodus is reserved for the big brother. However, plays Sony in the X compact camera muscles. When the Smartphones under 5 inch currently not more than Apple’s can keep iphone 6s (4.7 inch) which is but also 295 euros more expensive!

Sony Xperia X compact: price and release

After the announcement of the new X series mid February 2016, Sony was unusually much time until the release of the Xperia X. Between idea and the end of may 2016 launch, an eternity in the fast-paced technology industry passed more than three months. Now it has apparently very much urgent Sony: from the beginning of September the Xperia X is already available compact for 449 euros. Choose between three colors (black, white, blue).

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