Sony Brightens the Walls of London with Its Xperia Z3

Sony in the past has shined for its marketing purposes or for its advertising campaigns but this time he amazed everyone, at least in London. To showcase its Xperia Z3, Sony fired the walls of the city streets, creating a mural made entirely of photos taken precisely from the Z3.

In cooperation with many street performers, the murals were designed to show the ability of the sensor of the smartphone to capture sharp images in low light. The first mural (which you can see above) was created by Dan Kitchener, who is known for Impressionist street scenes at night.

This mural adorned Clerkenwell Road and will be joined by others on the streets of London for the next seven weeks, (the second set created by the artist Zina will appear on the Great Eastern Bear Gallery in Shoreditch since 20 July).

The theme and the project name is “I Can See in the Dark”, and the project is part of the latest advertising campaign by Sony to promote his smartphone which also includes sponsoring the UEFA Champions League. We remember the Xperia z3 has a camera from 20.7 MP G-Lensand the ability to capture images at up to ISO 12800, which would result in a crisp, bright in the dark.

I wonder if Sony has something equally astonishing to promote his successor the Xperia Z3 +with which Sony aims to offer a photographic experience even better. Undoubtedly a beautiful and creative initiative by Sony for a product that has proven to be very effective in the field.

The issue is that you have to wonder if the latest Sony marketing campaigns will be enough to improve their product strategy and increase sales.