Self-Control Also Urges a Movistar to Change Its Advertising for Not Offering Unlimited Calls

On more than one occasion he has played us talk about here pulls ears that has given Self-control operators for its advertising, being recently fashion the issue of tariffs with unlimited calls that do not comply with what they promise.

And in this time has been the shift to Movistar, in your Total fare announcing unlimited national calls until we are going to detail, moment in which we find the minute time limit, so the body has called for change of advertising.

We have already seen how sometimes self-control has urged other operators to correct its advertising, actions that have risen since the existence of the rates advertised Unlimited national calls but after applying some sort of limit, either minutes or destinations.

Amena, Vodafone and Orange in that order have already been subject to complaints by private individuals and competitors by their advertising, with different resolutions, such as the Elimination of the limit of monthly minutes or call in the first two cases while Orange, which most recently received the notice, still has not acted on the matter.

Same arguments, the same resolution

The shift now is for Movistar, which in its Overall rate advertise unlimited national calls but without going very far we can observe how the tab of the own rate available on the website of the operator refers to a limit of 7,000 minutes a month, after which 18 cents would pay per minute and a call set-up 15 cents.

Movistar, as did other operators, has tried to defend itself using the argument that the limit is “practically fictional” and that its purpose is avoid fraud or the saturation of your network, arguments that self-control has dismissed as in previous cases.

Therefore, If Movistar want to meet with self-control, created by advertisers and agencies to ensure the veracity of advertising, you will need to either change its advertising to reflect the true limits of your Total fare or remove this limit.