Save Nearly 550 Euros: 10-Gigabyte-Lte-Flat With Tablet At A Killer Price

Who goes on the road very often on the Internet, required according to much inclusive volume. The Internet flat 10,000 by mobilcom-Debitel is a suitable tariff. This uses the fleet LTE network of Telekom, in which you surf with up to 150 megabits per second (mbit / s). Only from a consumption of 10 gigabytes, the provider throttles the speed for the rest of the month down.

10 GB data Flatrate to the hammer price

Spar Mobile currently offers monthly this tariff for the bargain price of mathematically 15.99 euros. This month price arises from the reduced fee of 29.99 euros and two one-time payments from mobilcom-Debitel and saving mobile amounting to 240 and 96 euro.

A connection fee does not exist, and the contract period is 24 months. From the 25th month, the fee rises to 39.99 euros. So in time, you should terminate the contract with a notice period of 3 months to the end of the term,.

To the offer: Internet flat of 10,000 for 15.99 euros in savings mobile

Also with Samsung Tablet available

Spar mobile the collective Internet flat 10,000 also offered bundled with the Samsung Galaxy tab S2 8.0 LTE. The Android tablet is currently at # 6 of the leaderboard by Our site and convinces with a brilliant 8-inch display, a slim body, an ordinary camera and an LTE modem.

Those who opt for the package of fare and tablet, 49 Euro for the device, as well as 29.99 Euros per month for the mobile phone contract pays once. All other conditions correspond to the offer without Tablet.

To the offer: Internet flat of 10,000 with Samsung tablet at cheap mobile


If you book the rate directly with mobilcom-Debitel, will pay 35,99 EUR monthly. The saving mobile offerings without Tablet saves whopping 480 euro over the period of 2 years. The Samsung Galaxy tab S2 costs 8.0 LTE currently around 400 without contract. The tariff bundle savings phone saves you even 544 euro.