Parrot Disco: Fast Wing Drone with VR Goggles Have Arrived!

Earlier this year introduced a new concept of drones parrot. A new construction method to make Disco the Parrot especially quick and enduring. Now, the manufacturer announced the retail price and the launch date. Therefore the drone from September 2016 is available and costs about 1,300 euros.

Quick and enduring

With its two large wings and a propeller at the rear, the drone is similar to almost a small plane. The new design without rotors makes the aircraft very light and stable and also quickly and enduring. The drone reached a top speed of less than 80 km/h and a range of up to 2 kilometers. According to the manufacturer, has a GPS chip on board the Parrot disco and last 45 minutes with one battery charge. The associated app is available for ios and Android.

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A full HD camera with wide angle lens and a three-axis stabilization system for verwackelungsfreie pictures are located on the front of the drone. Users can control the drone over the remote control included with the package. Furthermore, the Parrot comes disco with integrated flight control: the autopilot can independently take off and landing upon request and with the course data home angle and engine speed in flight. In addition contains the drone tilt and Acceleration sensors, a magnetometer, an altimeter and a congestion pressure sensor for speed measurement.

Drone including VR goggles

Also the Parrot comes disco set with the Parrot cockpit glasses, an eyeglass frame that is using a smart phone to the VR goggles. On the page of the manufacturer interested can order the Parrot disco now.