Overseas Laugh at The Lack of IPhones in Spain

Do you’ve been without? iPhone? You travel you all the shops in your city and you’ve only seen them in photo? Don’t worry, as you have been the majority of those who have tried to do with a terminal, but so was the ridicule of the distribution of telephone that until the international media have echoed this. Painful.

This morning I had friends scattered throughout the Spanish geography that were reporting on their progress in the conquest of the most desired device of the day. Some of them have succeeded, but of living in Barcelona, none.

At 10:45 I reported that to the most Central Office of Telefónica in Plaza Catalunya had only arrived 30 units. Shortly after I came the information that you were just seeing some units in stores of El Corte Inglés.

In these, to see the room and if it sounded like the flute, I’ve approached a center of this chain not very busy and close to my house. There I could see as arrived 4 units that already had full name for frustration of all those Queuing. Outrageous.

The vision of this scene has finished discourage all the desire you may have to possess a iPhone and confirmed my worst predictions: there will be no way to get one up in a few weeks.

The show has been so ridiculous that even the international media are becoming echo of the absurd that this maneuver has been on the part of Telefónica, They even attribute it to the idiosyncrasy of the country.

But the sense creating expectations for then to business? are you really sure that all the people that have frustrated will go to buy in a few weeks when it has already cooled?

In the end it will be true that ‘this is spain’.

By the way, how you has it fared you to you?

Another frustrated in Wired (Via Digg) client.