Online Video Recorder Our Site: Update for the ios App

With the update to version 5.3.2, the ios app gets some new features of Our site. Now supports the software of the ipad-multitasking features slide over and split view. This is accompanied by support the picture-in-picture function for ipad Pro, ipad air 1 and 2, as well as ipad mini 2, 3 and 4. In the future so watch two programmes on demand parallel or quickly answer an E-Mail during your recording will continue.

Filter function and evaluation of programmes

The current app version offers new filtering options for the video archive. Recorded shows can be by genre and sub genre sort. Also, there is more information to the recordings, the run-time or the file size. Finally have Our site users on the ipad or the iphone the ability to evaluate programs now.

Like the Our site App works?

The Our site app shows a program overview for over 40 stations to received in Germany. The overview ranging respectively from the current to the next week and present also program highlights. For each shipment, there is a record button. The intake is once I typed, programmed, the broadcast is in the cloud saved. The channel function you automatically record your favorite TV shows or all programmes on a particular topic. And the catch-all feature allows you even to capture the complete television program, all stations, around the clock. Watch the recorded programs later online or load them as video files download handy is the Download Manager Herbie, offered by our site as a standalone app for this. Pro users of online video recorder up to 30,000 hours program monthly saving, with a XL account, even without advertising.

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