Movistar Removes The Permanence Except When Maintaining The Permanence

A few days ago Movistar hoarders all headlines announcing, overhand, suppression of permanence in their mobile fees and the sale of free terminals. However, that in theory we sold as a new philosophy that would always be used from then on, won’t be such. Yes, in some cases will continue having permanence in Movistar Mobile.

Specifically, and as he has learned Engadget Mobile after speaking with different sources of the company, Movistar launch, in certain periods, special offers, meaning that phones with discount, which the user can be purchased at a price below the officer to change sign a commitment to stay in Movistar for 12 months.

For example, 13-30 September terminals under the promotion include the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Sony Xperia Z or the Nokia Lumia 520, to name three examples. What does it mean? That the customer may decide if you want to buy the terminal at discounted price and permanence or acquire the terminal without any permanence to the official price.

Despite the fact that since several departments MoviStar us has ensured that the customer can choose between mobile with discount and permanence and mobile without discount and permanence, since the website does not seem to let us opt for this last possibility. The 12 months they are selected by default and the final price already includes the discount.

While it is understandable that Movistar do not rebates at its terminals (now free) so that users buy them and take them to other companies, the fact that are giving more visibility to these promotions the sale of terminals without permanence itself is a gesture which, in my opinion, makes a little ugly ad that made a few days ago. We must not forget that at the time they announced, insisting that they removed it all stays. At the end, they have not all been.

Worst of all is that, with this, the user will have to be attentive to the conditions associated with the purchase of a terminal. Come on, what was happening so far. The end of the stay? In some cases, not in others. It does not seem that we we will never get rid of the eternal Curse of the small print.