Movistar Is Loaded The Stays in Mobile Contracts and Sell Mobile Free

A declaration of intent that Movistar has made today. Although it a week ago, at the telecommunications meeting, they told me do not believe in artificial barriers to keep customers, today have been the first stone on the road to begin to comply with this philosophy. It remains to be seen if they come to the end with her…

For now, two important changes. On the one hand, it has been announced that There will be no permanence in mobile contracts. It will no longer force to be tied to a rate for 18 months, as it did before, but for now this only happens when we talk about mobile. In Fusion if there remains this restriction.

In principle, the permanence of tariff elimination will be for both new clients as to older clients, provided that they are not bound to it by acquisition of terminal.

Goodbye to blocked phones

The second major change is the relative to the terminals, and is that Movistar will begin selling mobile free at official prices set by manufacturers. As they have explained today at the presentation of the new rates, all phones come unlocked after den exit to those who already have in stock.

Does that mean this? That finally you take already a decision that should have taken long ago. Since it ceased to subsidize terminals, what was done was finance these devices to deadlines but, surprisingly and despite the fact that the final price was in some cases superior to the free terminal, had been blocked. This prevented that the phone could be used with another operator, something that now will not happen according to these changes.

This measure also apply with current customers that you have bought a mobile to the company. It is estimated that October is already running a web site in which these users can get the unlock code from your Terminal quickly and completely free.