Moto G 2015: Still No Confirmation and Details for Customization with the Motorcycle Maker

With the approach of official presentation waiting for 28 July, there is no day where there emerge a new rumor or new dedicated the next Moto G 2015. This time we’re not back on the much-discussed question of the technical specifications, which now seem to be confirmed, but over whether the new medium end Motorola is compatible with the famed Motorcycle Maker program, providing users with a wide range of customizations.

Motorola had already anticipated site customizations through @evleaks and therefore were already virtually certain but now there new confirmations and details. As you can see from the image below, the terminal will be marketed under two main color schemes, black and white, which can be customized with 10 different colors for the back and other 10 dedicated to minor elements as speaker grille and the Motorola logo.

In addition, the motorcycle Maker page dedicated to Moto G 2015 allows us to discover that the FlipShells officers have fallen in price, rising to $ 19.90 versus $ 29.90 currently required. Finally, there is a mention to the two cuts of 8 and 16 GB memory, together with the names of the 2 GB of RAM next to GB cutting. Of course, prices and colors are currently devoted to the US market, while we should wait for more confirmations to discover how Motorcycle Maker to Moto G 2015 will be available in Europe.