Moto G 2015 Could Get Full HD Version with Snapdragon 610

Moto G 3rd generation might be a Terminal much more interesting than what might be expected. Today we saw how the Terminal is planned in well 4 different combinations depending on the amount of internal memory and RAM equipped, however the version to 2 GB may hide some other pleasant surprise. Following an analysis of the sources more thoroughly, has emerged as there may be a chance that the model equipped with 2 GB of RAM has a Full HD resolution displays and how one 610 Snapdragon SoC.

The choice of this particular SoC would allow the Terminal to handle the greater display resolution thanks to 405 Adreno GPU capable of guaranteeing a power almost twice the Adreno 306 used in variant equipped with Snapdragon 410. Minors, however, the differences in terms of processor, since the Snapdragon 610 uses the same configuration quad core Cortex-A53 but with a 1.7 GHz frequency against the 1.4 GHz than S410. In any case, this approach would allow the two terminals have not exactly comparable performance but still very similar to each other, without creating a considerable detachment between the two versions and thus leaving greater choice to the user who may choose between a screen more defined or more substantial autonomy (the batteries should not vary).

The news of the existence of this variant comes from more than one source, starting from GSMArena, continuing for several retailers, including one Indian. In short, although it is not yet possible to determine with certainty the existence of this variant, the clues are more than one and we’ll have to wait for the official presentation for confirmation or denial of what emerged.