Mobile Free, The Great Asset of Movistar Front with Network and Offers Converged Operators

After the whirlwind of news yesterday presented Movistar, no doubt the SIMlock unlock ad of their Smartphones so that they can be used with any SIM card It was one of the most outstanding movements at the height (although in this case will benefit customers) others such as the end of subsidies or the changes in the excess of data.

A step in that Movistar confirmed his interest in becoming a provider of quality services instead of mere sellers of smartphones as ago years when the main incentive to change operator, was the “mobile free”.

Loyalty by the service, not by obligation

Buy a mobile phone installment with an operator and no discounts on its free to finish with a phone restricted in your Pocket already price didn’t make sense and increasingly more users were looking for other ways, but nobody took the first step and now Movistar has put its competitors in a bind.

Movistar has been the first to understand that permanence and blockades have become more a deterrent in an efficient tool of loyalty by what has turned the tide so that the perception of freedom closer the differences that may exist with the rates of competitors without being the cheapest.

Is this the right track that does that the other operators should feel the need to follow their footsteps? If we focus on rates, the truth is that there is less difference in price as we see in the comparison of rates converged so find other advantages such as freedom, could be in the crosshairs of Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo. Will they succumb to the requests of the users?

Movistar points are converted into “Movis”

I already anticipate that Movistar will eliminate its points program integrating its advantages in the program “as MoviStar” in which in addition to consumption on your bills of fixed and mobile get access thanks to its partners new points to now be called Movis to redeem for discounts and whose benefits will visit in October.