Mentor FM Arrives on iOS Devices

Mentor FM is an Italian project which is designed to provide a radio able to learn the musical tastes of the user so as to offer them exclusively songs to his liking in the right times of the day. The service is already active in more than 170 countries through the official website, but now you can access Mentor FM also through new dedicated applications to mobile platforms Android and iOS. In fact, for the moment, is available only on iOS client, however that Android is planned shortly and we will update you as soon as it becomes available.

Mentor.FM works just like a radio, but the music stream is personalized and unique because it is based on Facebook, Deezer, Last.FM, but will soon also Spotify, Twitter and iTunes libraryand user feedback (like, dislike, skip) for every single song proposal, which you can indicate by using simple gestures. The application draws, as for the catalog, Deezer, streaming library Mentor.FM partners.

In addition, the order of songs proposed is not random and Mentor.FM tries to adapt in real time to the user’s mood: if he’s proposing indie rock and the user responds with a series of “skip” on tracks proposed, Mentor.FM interprets the signal as “not the right time for indie rock” and tries to adjust the shot by proposing more. As you use it, the application learns the taste of the user based on the feedback received. Then there is the function “SURPRISE ME!” designed for users who want to discover new musical worlds and broaden their horizons.

Waiting so it is released version Android, iOS users can install Mentor FM on your device by visiting the following link.