Meizu Invitations for the Submission of Its M2 Contain a Nokia 1110

Meizu began to send the first calls for an event that will be held on 29 July, on the occasion of the official presentation of the new Meizu M2. So far nothing strange, except that each invitation hides an old Nokia 1110, of course working, explaining the meaning of the picture teaser we told you about yesterday.

Certainly this initiative is quite original and takes on a double connotation: on the one hand wants to draw a line of continuity between the most successful economical mobile of Nokia and the new Meizu M2, two sides of the same coin in over 12 years. On the other, could be a further indication about the identity of the mysterious Nokia partners, although this connotation should be taken with the knowledge that Meizu is not new to propose special invitation: an invitation to the presentation of M1 Notes contained a cover of iPhone 5 c and we are not aware of partnership with Apple!

Meizu M2 should have an equivalent price of about 90 Euros and include respectable characteristics in relation to the market, including a processor 1.3 Ghz octa-core MediaTek MT6735 64-bit, 5 “HD display, 2 GB of RAM, 8/16 GB internal memory, main camera from 13 MegaPixel and 5 MegaPixel front.

We must therefore wait for just under two weeks before you can see the new M2 while maybe you will need to wait a few more months to get news about the much-discussed relationship Meizu-Nokia.

Meizu M2 is available online from Amazon Marketplace at 152 euros. The value for money isdiscreet. There are 48 better models.