Medion Akoya E7420: Aldi Notebook in the 17-Inch Format in the Test

Test conclusion: you need to know that

The price comparison at idealo lists currently no comparable 17-inch laptops under 500 euro. Still not completely convinced the Medion Akoya 7420. Its screen resolution is not up to date is too small, the color appearance to pale. For this the Aldi notebook with its long battery life, high speed and good facilities for a good endnote collected enough points. Best price on the Internet: 449,90 euro * per order this product at Amazon high pace of work anti-reflective display long battery life very quiet low heat development (932 GB) HDD and SSD (119 GB) Wi-Fi-ac, Bluetooth 4.2 contra something pale color of non-touch screen high weight, large construction mark of editorial 2.36 good users rating now evaluate the discounter Aldi there especially versatile notebook / tablet station wagons in the past , handy 12-inch laptops and standard laptops in the 15-inch format. On July 28, then came a huge 17-inch notebook in the Northern branches, from August 29 is the same model at Aldi South. Cost: 499 euros. Is the Medion Akoya E7420 well worth its money? Our site has the Windows-10 model tested.

Medion Akoya E7420 (MD 99890): product and detail photos

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So the size of a DIN A3 sheet

The Medion is not a delicate notebook for the bag, which makes it clear at the first contact. With 42 cm wide and 28 cm deep, it takes up as much space as a COMPUTER beaten-up image. At the thinnest point, it measures 2.9 centimeters, equivalent to five stacked ipad Pro on the thickest 3.2 centimeters. His weight of about 2.7 kilograms is high, goes for a 17-incher, but alright.

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499 euro for a notebook that should be enough really for a working device. Everything you need is the Medion Akoya E7420? Aldi Medion Akoya E7420 notebook test: Top or flop?

Weak point screen

So a huge notebook has also advantages. With his exactly 17.2 inches big and good anti-reflective screen, it is for the films look perfect but his diagonal by 43.8 centimeters, the user also helps working: so he can easily keep the Inbox via Outlook in mind, while it creates a powerpoint presentation in a second window. A pity that the screen doesn’t show videos and photos in full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), but less detail with only 1600 x 900 pixels. This is not out of date. Also lacks brilliance, colours are pale, side looking at is the tonal history falsified.

High speed

For the Medion in the test turned out to be faster workers. Is powered by only a core i3 processor, 10 the Windows operating system, programs, and often needed data store but on a fast SSD with 119 gigabytes. And it unnecessarily slows down the processor. Class: A conventional hard disk with at least 932 giant also has the Medion. What is missing? There is no separate strong graphics chip on board for a fluid display of current games like the Witcher 3. That customers in this price range but can also not demand.

Test summary: SSD leaderboard

Leaderboard: 2.5 inch ssds

Long battery life, cool and quiet

But the battery has much endurance, in the test, the Medion came almost four and a half hours without plug. On top of that is hard to hear the Aldi notebook even under full load and remained cool at the bottom (11 degrees difference to room temperature). The large size has also advantages: components such as processor and chipset have enough space and air cooling with high fan speeds is so not necessary to breathe. That pushes the noise and the heat development.