Huawei Nova: far Eastern IFA Novelty in the Practice Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

That Nova Huawei is a real eye catcher with its aluminum unibody and the ründlichen form. Also the sharp and bright full-HD screen leaves a good impression. The 12-megapixel camera that shoots decent pictures and the 4K-Videomodus slightly ahead with even the Huawei’s flagship P9 has surprised. A sticking point, however, is the price of €379: the more hardware can stand out from the Middle brother P9 Lite and that costs more than 100 euros of less. Best price on the Internet: 295,00 Euro * Pro stylish aluminum design good camera with 4K-Videoaufnahme USB-type-C and big battery dual-SIM or expandable memory order this product at Amazon contra price compared something too high battery not changeable assessment of editorial good users rating now to review all sorts of middle – and upper-class smartphones brought Huawei this year already on the market and there is no end yet in sight. At the IFA in Berlin (2nd-7th September 2016) have the Chinese instead of the expected Huawei Mate 9 the Huawei Nova (German: Star) presents. Our site has tried out the mid-range smartphone from the far East.

Huawei Nova: mid-range Smartphone in pictures

Design: nexus 6 p in small

? Wait, is this not the nexus 6 p? Who traveled to the Smartphone landscape of the times, should come actually at Huawei’s IFA novelty Nova ponder. With its chic aluminum unibody and ründlichen, almost playful-looking shape, the smart phone but very reminiscent the joint project with Google in the past year. With one big difference: The Chinese have shrunk the Nova more manageable 5 inch and held compact the ground (141 x 69 x 7, 7 mm at 146 grams). The nexus 6 p is a number of other House with his 5.7-inch. But not in processing: sharp edges or inaccurate clearances are not comprise Nova where an advantage of the curves.

Video on the subject

The Huawei Nova is the IFA novelty from China but has a rather frumpy. The video shows what has changed compared to its predecessor. Huawei Nova check: cell phone with new function

Display: small, but sharp!

As usual, Huawei is a full HD display (1920 x 1080 pixels) LCD Panel used. The picture quality is sharp enough by the comparatively small for today’s standards of XXL image diagonal of 5 inches or 12.7 centimeters equivalent. The evidence: The Nova comes on a high pixel density of 441 ppi. In the Flash trade fair area, the display made a good impression. The new Huawei device with the mid-size competition can compete in terms of brightness and color reproduction.

Technology: on par with P9 Lite

? The hardware also? As a processor, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 625 used latest mid-range project comes bars, whose eight cores with 2 gigahertz. There are also 3 gigabytes of memory and 32 gigabytes of internal memory. In the first practice the operation was instantly possible, the pace of work and the performance of games are high enough. A benchmark test was yet not possible within the framework of the IFA. But now is clear: A new star in the Smartphone sky isn’t Nova! The equipment list is solid, the Nova can not stand out compared with the 0.2 inch larger class brother Huawei P9 Lite although it will cost 80 euros more Nova. For the Crown: The Nova goes for 379 euros over the counter. When the P9 Lite the Chinese call 299 euros, however the market price as at Android decreases usual currently.

IFA 2016: the most important novelties

USB-type-C and big battery

For the middle-class siblings at the battery at eye level are. Although long term experiences are still scarce, the battery (3,020 mah) of the Nova should be similarly enduring such at the Lite (over 13 hours with heavy use). For this, including the hardware friendly EMUI surface is responsible, based on Android 6.0.1. An update on the new Android nougat is likely in the coming months. Amenities: USB-type-C, a hybrid slot (a second SIM card or more memory thanks to microsd) and the compulsory fingerprint sensor.

The large Overview: the Smartphone from Huawei

Camera: can contain traces of Leica

? Faithful COMPUTER BILD readers know: mid-range cameras, you can even skip the paragraph about the mobile snapping. Often the manufacturers rely on Sony’s 13-megapixel sensors, the results are similar, differ only in nuances. The Nova, it’s different! The front camera with 8, resolves the rear camera to 12 megapixels as the Huawei flagship P9. Although officially no Leica technology is installed, the lens at first snapshots from a good page is evident. Even in the difficult exhibition lighting photos are satisfactory, noise is still to make out with poor illumination. Surprising: Video recordings has even the nose front Nova opposite the P9, offers a particularly high resolution 4K-Videomodus.

Huawei Nova: price and release?

The Huawei Nova to mid September for 379 euros appear in three color variations. First of all: The Rosé gold that is particularly popular in the world of women is not it! Instead uses Huawei for the typical smartphones color palette of gray, silver and gold. A larger plus-version of the Nova with 5.5-inch screen and similar technology is also for 429 euros after Europe, however (for now) to Germany.

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