Honor 8 Test: Cheap Attack on the Upper Classes!

Test verdict: What you should know

The honor 8 offers a strong overall package that rarely is there for the price: sharp and bright full-HD display here, fast high-end hardware with sustained battery there. The design is chic and exciting the twin camera for amateur photographers. Although the pace of work and the camera quality of the building like Huawei P9 is not quite achieved, but the differences are not dramatic: Finally, the honor of 8 is significantly cheaper than its big brother Huawei P9. Best price on the Internet: 333,00 euro * per order this product at Amazon innovative camera with good picture quality sharp and very bright full-HD display elegant design made of metal and glass fingerprint sensor contra battery not changeable No 4 k resolution for videos test grade of the editorial 2.25 good users rating the Huawei Mate 8, P9, P9 review now P9 Lite, honor plus, 5 X and honor 5 C is a long list. It almost looks like they would never come to rest in China. Especially in the further emerging mobile and Smartphone giant Huawei does not. While there is still the deceptive calm before the IFA storm (2 to 7 September 2016, Berlin) at the parent company, take photos of the daughter company honor more than a week before the start of the fair ever on the show lights. In Paris, the Chinese have introduced the successor of the successful middle-class secret honor 7. Just revealing and even direct our site in the major test the editorial has the brand new honor 8 in the tough test course sent.

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The honor of 8 is a cheap luxury Smartphone with a dual-camera. The test reveals whether it holds with its model of Huawei P9. Huawei honor 8: Cheap Huawei-P9-alternative in the test

Design: If P9 and S7 make love


Honor cannot refer to a large mobile tradition truly, only two years ago, the independently acting Huawei brand in the Smartphone business is on the way. The honor of 6 was a first success, turned a name at the latest with the honor of 7 in the overcrowded Smartphone jungle sustainably. The recipe for success: Much metal for little coal. The honor 8 breaks with the design of the older brother, metal is finding only on the following lacquered frame. The noble-looking back now consists of a scratch-resistant Gorilla glass 3, which is slightly rounded off to the side. In the tested black color variant is the new China showpiece so very reminiscent of an optically successful mix of Huawei’s P9 and the Galaxy S7 Samsung. How at S7, a looker refracts the light in the fine patterns of rear view! Not so look closely you should however on the army of fingerprints. The ugly finger-veil is faster there than it is a sweet. Who wants to enjoy the great looks of the honor of 8 in the long term, should have better always a microfibre cloth is here or just protect it in an appropriate case. The small additional purchase is already recommended and offers a decisive advantage: that much to smooth back bothers then in everyday life no longer. When slightly fall off surfaces, desks, for example, slightly bent, makes the honor 8 directly independently. If you have sweaty fingers, should have his bright pleasure with the involuntary urge to move the new honor smartphones. Don’t you think? Our site has staged a race between the P9 and the honor 8.

Honor 8: Tried out price-performance blockbuster

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Display: Sharp, sharper, full HD


Front the preference for rounded Gorilla continues glass 3, which protects the 5.2 inches (13.21 cm) large screen from unwanted scratches. This task easily meets the front of the unit, even the diamond drill left no permanent mark. However, the use of evolved Gorilla glass 5 like new at Samsung’s premium flagship Galaxy was rated 7 desirable. Then the honor of 8 would survive even drops from waist level but this is somewhere price cuts now. The Chinese were anything but stingy with the screen quality. Honor has used for the callee 399 euro a sharp full HD display (1920 x 1080 pixels), the true colors (color fidelity: 95.1 per cent) reflects and is bright (524,8 candela per square meter). Good for the Pokémon-hunting in the biting Sun. Only the contrast (1294,5-1) could be in the LCD Panel turn out slightly better. Apparently, honor used the same display as Huawei in the P9, which calculated test values are all very similar. In comparison with the same expensive China competitor of OnePlus 3 and its superb AMOLED screen, but both Huawei brothers and sisters have left.

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Technology: Plenty of power with power reserves


Also among the many glass, the honor of 8 makes a positive impression. Huawei’s own eight core Kirin 950 brings the upscale mid-range smartphone at full speed, when the P9, it is the further developed version of 955. However you record clocked cores quickly a high tempo with 3, 4 x 2, 4 x 1, 8 GHz. Earlier this year the eighth team earned 8 record levels already the mate in the benchmark tests. At that time, mind you. Because in the meantime much has happened at the Samsung Exynos CPU and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon-820-unit. Antutu – (93.973 points) and Geekbench force comparisons (1,581 single and multicore 5,864 points), the honor of 8 against OnePlus 3, S7 & co. has clearly looking up at least on paper. The honor’s flagship hardly from the rest can be thanks to the 4 gigabytes (GB) of memory. Navigation through the customized with Huawei’s EMUI surface and quite reminiscent of Apple’s iOS optics version of Android is liquid 6.0 Marshmallow. And also the simultaneous execution of multiple apps (multitasking) and asphalt Nitro call the gaming graphics reference the honor 8 as little more than a weary smile.


Huawei P9 in the test: the revolution of Smartphone photography?

Battery: Small but mighty!


Also the user can smile: thanks to the efficient hardware and disclaimer on a higher resolution QHD display (2560 x 1440 pixels), the honor of 8 in the test most battery friendly shows. Even in case of intensive use, the energy rich non-replaceable 3,000 mAh is a long day’s work without any problems. Actually goes out only after 13 hours and 15 minutes at a time him. Are even good two days with normal usage patterns, here finally after 39 hours and 53 minutes. The expected for the autumn to update on the upcoming Android 7.0 nougat is likely remove the balance again. In comparison with the P9, the lower clock speed of the processor pays off: more than an hour early (12 hours and 4 minutes) the P9 with intensive use is flabby. Well at the honor 8: that is also on board, for the function of the wireless shop now obligatory fast-loading, it has enough when looking on the price tag, but no longer.

Dual camera: Double well?

Finally even the real highlight of the honor will be paid 8: the camera-Double Pack! As already in the Huawei P9, the Chinese believe the 12-megapixel power of two camera lenses. That compared to the bigger brother almost identical duo has two tasks: lens number one holds the familiar RGB colour spectrum. The second lens, however, is home to a monochrome sensors, which can absorb the environment only in grayscale or more easily translated into black and white. At least in theory, finally this mode the P9 is reserved. Still a great Leica logo adorns the back of the P9 on the back. The honor of 8, however, relies on Chinese understatement, Leica is here to see nothing. But also here without a doubt is the expertise of the German camera manufacturer, the camera software of both smartphones is virtually identical. Inevitably raises the question: has twice really better? During daylight hours (Note: 3.01 the P9 came up with a 2.57) the honor plays with 8 straight in the concert of photo sizes, but the elite (Microsoft Lumia 950 XL and iPhone 6 S plus) to be dangerous. Little light available, for example when evening shooting, is the photographer shot pictures suffer visible noise (Note: 4.05;) P9 in comparison: 3.11) despite improved black levels through monochrome secret weapon. In addition to the professional mode, where you manually set the parameters of digital SLR cameras such as the ISO value, the special aperture priority mode is the pièce de résistance at the honor 8. Here the focus can be set later by swipe finger play depending on the aperture with the depth of field. The professional photographer needs what the Smartphone user needs only a few seconds of experimentation around, a trained eye and lots of time. Disappointed, who shoots not only photos, but also like to turn videos, scrolls through the settings. When the resolution is already at the usual full-HD resolution, here in vain looking for the forward-looking 4 k resolution. This space would have been where 32 gig, what are good 24 gigabytes free, big dropouts internal memory. Especially since are potential space problems by using a microSD card up to 256 gigabytes large solved. Alternatively a second nano-SIM card can be used instead of the memory card. The latter has provided even the honor of 8 the P9.


Huawei: The large Smartphone overview

Fingerprint sensor with a certain something


A look at the additional equipment list shows that is the honor of 8 to higher than vocation of dreary Smartphone middle class. Emblazoned on the back with the index finger to reach easily and reliably functioning fingerprint sensor, which is more than just another safety feature. The smart tool at the same time as additional, freely assignable button. Up to three functions can be so executed. An example from everyday test: The short finger pressure opens the flashlight, a double click the camera and pressing the Google search. That may be initially slightly unusual, the added value is literally palpable after a very short time. More features from the P9 backbone are the fast USB type C connector, the current Bluetooth 4.2, fast LTE and Wi-Fi-ac and NFC.

Honor 8: Price and availability


China says the honor 8 already for a few weeks on the shelves. In this country is the new flagship of honor immediately from 399 euros (449 euro applies for the 32-gigabyte version, which costs version with 64 gigabytes) available. Available options are black, silver and dark blue. Also, a golden version should appear later. While prospective buyers in Germany need to worry only about the color, the choice of the appropriate version in the home country China is much more difficult: for the version with 3 GB memory and 32 GB internal memory is 1.999 Chinese Yuan (approximately 270 euro) due. The model in this country with 4 GB memory and 32 GB disk space cost 2.299 Chinese Yuan (about 310 Eurp) and almost a quarter less than here. Generous 4 GB memory, and 64 GB internal memory will, however, with 2.499 Chinese Yuan (340 euros) to beech.

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