Grey Flicker: Design Flaws in iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus?

It starts with a grey stripe, who occasionally shows up at the top of the screen. At the same time not responding touch screen. Over time, the problem occurs more frequently until the iphone eventually unusable and possibly still be operated by Siri. Diagnosis: The iphone has a touch disease, the touchscreen-disease. Affected: All iphone-6 – and iphone-6 plus models.

Design flaws threatens every iphone 6 (plus)

Behind the cases seems to much more than an accumulation of random damage: A design flaws, judging by the repair specialists at ifixit in a comprehensive report. Therefore also no display replacement (which can cost at least up to around 200 euros at the iphone 6) helps. Because in reality, the touchscreen-disease is apparently just another facet of a scandal which hit shortly after the release of the iphone 6 plus high waves: Bendgate. At that time, including our site showed image in a video, and laboratory tests, which was mainly the large iphone 6 plus under pressure particularly vulnerable to complete bending of the housing. With the following 6 S-generation – iphone Apple changed the construction were image with normal effort immune against bending, such as computers in the renewed bending test showed.

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Problem iphone 6: still there are problems with the device, first workshops count already with defects on nearly all models. Bendgate: The iphone 6 is a ticking time bomb

Board damage by Bendgate

Initially suspected faulty touch screen chips were. But after evaluating the experience of several repair services the ifixit engineers Bendgate think the root cause. The problem here is not the visible bend of the case, but the basic bending vulnerability of the housing, which further spreads to the Board however. In addition an apparently somewhat unstable mounting of touchscreen control chips on the Board. According to ifixit, these are secured with sensitive solder beads on the Board, which dissolve gradually with gently bending of the printed circuit board. Initially the contact no longer is the touch screen only sporadically lost works but after reading the solder joints full. According to ifixit, background is a design error from Apple: Unlike other iphone models or competing smartphones is the solder joint not additional liner or some kind of metal shield in addition protected against by damage. So two weaknesses came together: the bending susceptibility to the overall design and fragile attachment of touch screen chips.

#Bendgate laboratory test proves: iphones not as stable as Apple claims

Each is iphone 6 (plus) affected?

Each iphone 6 and 6 plus same a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode so at least the assessment of Jason Villmer ifixit cited by STS Telecom repair operation. Daniel Obertaxer emphasized by the Hamburg-based Smartphone repairman Justcom’s gave the error the iphone 6 generation since its launch, currently there is not a sharp increase. Good but a striking accumulation of older devices: The error occurs, unfortunately for the customers, usually only on after the warranty period expires, so that the customer must take then money for a replacement device in the hand. Some repair services speculate that only devices of the boards from particular suppliers were affected. Apparently especially plus models are affected, where due to the length of the bending forces in the back pocket in everyday life more are.

What helps against the touchscreen disease?

The targeted press on the display or bending of the iphone helps some users to banish the problem for some time. In the long term, but brings nothing. Who are, however, still under warranty with Apple, can count on a new replacement unit. Is the warranty is expired, you must pay the Exchange-device. Because Apple has not recognised so far the touchscreen disease as manufacturing faults. Caution: A costly change of the screen brings nothing, because the fault is on the Board. Help specialized repair providers can only on PCB soldering work. You can replace the Board or chips. For the error to occur not later, some U.S. repair services have developed a solution: you modify the Board through a metal plate so that the circuit board in the relevant area can no longer bend. Whether located in Germany already companies have specialized in editorial is so far not known.

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Iphone 6 S and iphone 7 are affected?

As bending tribalism, iphone 6s are / 6 S plus from the phenomenon of Bendgate spared. In this respect, it is not surprising that no similar touchscreen disease is reported so far from this model series. Iphone also at the upcoming 7 should the Bendgate problem won’t arise.

Conclusion: without Apple’s warranty, it will be difficult

What degree really has the touch screen problem is still unclear. Even if the construction weakness described by ifixit actually exists (for which much speaks): the most iphones the 6-series are apparently not (yet?) Affected. But it is certain: who observed the grey flicker 6/6 plus on his iphone, should immediately check whether its one-year manufacturer’s warranty from Apple still applies and insist on a replacement unit (which can of course also suffer the same problem). Confirmed the diagnosis of ifixit, however, Apple themselves would have to set up a repair programme, which helps customers outside the warranty.