Five Years Apple Tim Cook: iphone-Billion and Car Rumors

On August 24, 2011 Steve Jobs leaned the inevitable: the terminally ill Apple co-founder resigned the post of CEO after years of fight against cancer after all. Jobs was still at the top of the Board of Directors and promised to be there for the company – but it took no one and a half months more, until 5 October died.

Tim Cook joined difficult legacy

He put his life’s work in the hands of Tim Cook, who previously represented him in sickness absences and the company as responsible for the operational business knew inside and out. The plank would have can be barely higher for the then 50-year cook. Jobs had ipod, plowed with a successful series from imac, iphone and ipad all industries and brought among other things the Smartphone boom underway. Many market observers questioned, that Cook, who was known above all as the optimizer by Apple’s production chain is up to this heritage.

Technology – milestones of Apple

These devices go down in the history of IT

Apple: economically through healthy

Five years later Apple is sitting on a mountain of money well $ 230 billion and has sold just the billionth iphone. In between, the group in the last holiday shopping season with $18.4 billion was the highest quarterly profit in the history. At the same time, the iphone became the most important Apple product and introduced occasionally, more than two-thirds of the Group business. And as this year weakened the appeal of iphones, this meant also a noticeable decline for the entire Apple business. Cook was in a recent interview with the Washington Post defiantly: Yes, for us is down a bit this year. Not every year it goes up, you know. Even if the worldwide Smartphone business schwächele currently, unless the best market in the world in the long run, because eventually everyone have one will.

After the Apple Watch: waiting for the next big thing

In Cook’s tenure, Apple advanced so far in a new product category. The Apple Watch launched in April 2015 although conquered the market lead in computer clocks from the State. But consumers still hesitating. The group released still no figures, but according to market researchers Apple still 3.6 million sold his watches in the starting quarter, now it should be to the one and a half million per quarter. That would be still a good deal but not necessarily the steep success curve that expect many of Apple with a new product.

Iphone glass Edition: so iphone can be beautiful

More prospect continues to cook picture gallery. We have raised the expenditure on research and development because we massively invest in the future in today’s product lines as well as things that are not visible today, including in the services. The tech world has changed dramatically in the five years. Today, artificial intelligence and self-learning machines play a central role. And not only Google is working to bring them in everyday life but also Facebook and Amazon: one of the most successful products of the world’s largest online dealer in the United States is the networked speaker echo, with which users can talk. Virtual reality is before jumping into the mass market, and the entire auto industry is of the digitization turned.

New challenges for Tim Cook

Cook’s job is to secure the place of Apple in this new world. In the biggest acquisition of the company for $3 billion, he bought the headphones provider beats to get faster in the business with music streaming from the network. He stressed the efforts of the group in artificial intelligence, starting with the language assistant Siri. He invested $1 billion in the Chinese Service Broker Didi Chuxing and for over a year, there are reports that Apple build a car. In addition, Cook said for interesting areas of augmented reality, the augmented reality, combining artificial and real objects on a display, as well as health services. Here the purchase of start-ups Gliimpse was known, saves the patient data.

Cook rolls to Apple style

That is Apple Tim Cook in many ways different from that of Steve Jobs. The founder was limited Apple’s external display like product communication. Cook provides environmental protection to the fore and entered a public conflict with the U.S. Government, by Apple’s refusal to write software to unlock iphones. I am of the opinion that a chef from Apple should participate in the national debate on such issues, he told the Washington Post.

Jobs before the death told him he should never ask, now what would do of Steve?, but make their own decisions, said Cook once. For me, Steve is not replaceable. By anyone, he reiterated now. So, Apple is today more than ever run by a team. These include jobs confidante as the designer Jony Ive. Meanwhile, new faces to the leadership circle joined with software-chef Craig Federighi. At the same time the veteran Scott Forstall, went after the debacle with the lousy launched mapping service 2012 which also ambitions to the top of companies said to have been.

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Performance by Cook in future assessable

Jobs unlike Cook distributes money to shareholders, more than $150 billion through dividends and share buybacks. The price of the Apple security doubled under Cook, and Apple continues to be the most expensive companies in the world before Google. For a review of the era of Cook, it seems too early, meanwhile, after five years. I think the wisdom and heritage from Tim Cook be evaluated then, what happens in the next five years, which emphasizes industry analyst known Gene Munster, who had waited long in vain on an Apple TV predicted of him. (With the dpa material.)