Expired: 14 Acer Switch Alpha 12 in the Raffle

Join in the IFA competition 2016 by Acer and Our site. Alpha 12 from Acer one of 14 high-quality convertibles switch hidden behind every door. Just answer the question of the day properly already take part in the draw. To answer the question, you need to register once for free and login.

Flexibility and elegance in a housing

Boasts the new 2-in-1 device from the House of Acer with stately values in terms of performance and versatility. One of many Clous: the Taiwanese manufacturer dispensed with in favour of a liquid cooling on a conventional fan. So the Metamorphosis from Acer is whisper-quiet and protected from dust at the same time, because no particles in the sensitive interior of the switch can penetrate through the closed construction Alpha 12.

Vivid images to touch

Also photos and videos can be enjoyed easily and best image quality: 2160 x 1440 pixels appear your favorite movies and images in bold colors with high clarity and fidelity. In addition, the convertible can be set up with one foot on the back for convenient viewing of movies and slide shows. On the precise and delay-free touch screen you have on the switch Alpha your multimedia collection safely at hand.

Video on the subject of

Tablet and notebook in a 2016 is the trend. Acer makes it as good and what does the hardware? The test shows it! Acer switch Alpha 12 in the test: Double Pack also double well?

Full speed ahead

Acer’s new flagship too with attractive inner values. A high-performance Intel Core i processor of the sixth generation ensures appropriate power under the hood, without too much charge the battery. It holds up to eight hours with the appropriate energy options. For high pace of work provides the 119 gigabytes large SSD, which relieved the great 4 gigabyte memory and liquid operation Office & co. Supports. Stylish, brushed aluminum casing completes Acer’s answer to the Surface Pro 4 Microsoft.

Acer switch Alpha 12: surface counterparty in the test

Acer switch Alpha 12: product and detail photos

10 product and detail photos Acer switch see Alpha 12

Connection for easy

Connectivity guaranteed: get Alpha 12 from Acer with the fast and modern Wi-Fi ac in the network with the switch and either surf in the 2.4 gigahertz range or the more stable 5-gigahertz band. The convertible is equipped with the compact USB-C connection, without having to give up a full USB 3.0 connector. If the SSD memory but terse, expand capacity via USB stick, external hard drive or microsd card that has alpha switch a card reader! Pair more input and output devices via Bluetooth with the device.

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