Cat S60 in the practice test: chunk with hot camera for construction!

Test conclusion: what you should know

Faster processor, larger memory and higher camera resolution: compared to the inefficient predecessors licensor Caterpillar and Smartphone manufacturer have fitted Bullit mobile the cat S60 with contemporary middle-class technology. But that has too high a price: there is significantly cheaper (honor 5 C) for callee 650 euro and better (MOTO X Force) cell phone alternatives. For this, the heavy Boulder offers a remarkable innovation that should be of interest only for the particular cat – target group (craftsmen and construction workers) with its thermal imaging camera. Best price on the Internet: 552,00 EUR * this product at Amazon order Pro Smartphone innovation: thermal imaging camera most unusual battery robust built and waterproof counter high premium price for technology from lower middle-class large and difficult assessment of editorial satisfying now write a user rating trendy colours, chic details, precious metal of smartphones are catcher and not uncommon fashion accessories. But the technology fashion show is just a discipline in which the companions must shine. Rather, they should access the users in the hectic daily life under the arms. And he does not occur now mostly out in the boutique. All the more important that cell phones even survive a crash. Motorola presented force on a robust representative, with the Moto X what the video case test proves. But on the construction site, the iphone, Samsung’s and also X forces of the Smartphone world had little chance of survival. Here, Caterpillar leaps into the breach. The US manufacturer is known for tons of heavy construction equipment and safe clothes, wants to increase its mobile product range with the cat S60. Our site has tested the construction worker Smartphone.

Cat S60: construction workers phone with thermal imaging camera

Smartphone for craftsman

Broad shoulders and sharp image

A monstrous metal frame nestled to the 4.7-inch display of the S60. That resolves in HD (1280 x 720 pixels), what with the now relatively small screen size still results in a sufficiently sharp image. Thus, the S60 ppi achieved an image density of 312. In comparison, Apple’s iphone 6s is hardly any sharper. The premium Smartphone comes on the same diagonal and reached 326 ppi. The IPS Panel allows a perfect picture from almost all angles and faithfully represents colors. The high brightness is amazing that just helps the usage under the open sky. With a depth of 14.8 cm and approximately 170 grams on the ribs, the cat-phone is a real spark a protective function, thanks to the S60 according to manufacturer’s instructions should easily survive falls on rock hard concrete of 1.80 metres above sea level. In tentative drop tests, the rental test device was actually some soil contacts. Due to its construction caused generously fancy edges that serves as additional protection for the surprisingly not unbreakable display, the device wants to befriend but not quite with the hand. This is also at the back. Mediated although the impression of a carbon coating consists of only simple polycarbonate. The Bita phone is particularly resistant to not.

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Middle Class on the Construction

The predecessor already set on a rugged case, revealed, but so far the inner workings rather offered a particularly delicate core technology from the entry-level. Who wanted to play a round at the lunch break, you had to have always a second cell phone in your pocket for power-hungry 3D games or complex tasks. With the Snapdragon 617, whose eight cores is bars, and 3 gigabytes of memory per 4 x 1, 5, and 4 x 1, 2 gigahertz cat phone arrived in the middle class. Therefore liquid, it can be operated, also the apps started fast. As the operating system, the manufacturer with Android uses the newest candy from Google’s candy shop 6.0 Marshmallow. Despite the infinite variety of app in the Google play store tailored programs are specifically on the needs and responsibilities of craftsmen in short supply. In this case, the app Toolbox helps out which provides a wide range of free and subject to paid apps for farmers, construction workers and artisans.

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Please smile: now it is hot!

The most interesting innovation of construction workers smartphones, however, is the built-in thermal imaging camera. Yes, you read that right! The camera difficult to surprise is capable of in times of food image modes and the megapixel race. The new Cat-phone does so with ease, thanks to the additional lens. For this the manufacturer uses the know-how of FLIR. For a separate thermal imaging camera, over 700 euros more than the cat S60 will cost at the end requires the world market leader. The separate thermal camera app captures photos and videos with the unfamiliar look and measures the different temperatures without light. Although still deviations compared with a professional thermal imaging camera were recognizable on the prototype if the missing fine-tuning, the function just for craftsman should be more than an entertaining gimmick. Construction workers locate leaky or poorly insulated points in wall with your Smartphone while electricians detect blown fuses. Also for private users, applications can be found if you consider enough long… So the thermal photo of S60 tells you about, when the sausage in the skillet is ready. You already realize the cat S60 is aimed primarily at craft professionals. Normal snapshots makes the construction worker Smartphone also: front resolves the Sony sensor camera usually used in middle-class 13 megapixels. The construction site Selfie puts it in contemporary 8 megapixels. Visit the spacious 32-gigabyte storage place, which can be expanded via microsd card.

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Battery and the remaining facilities

Sockets are in the wild more like the exception. A receptive battery is all the more important. With 3,800 MAH, the S60 on the paper enough capacity provides for more than one working day. The power-saving features (for example, an HD display instead of full-HD screen) range the storage reserves even for a second day. Water and dust (can recede a toggle switch from two to five metres) the energy donor is but not exchangeable. You must not forgo the now usual dual-SIM option and a microsd compartment still on the back is a convertible compartment.

Cat S60: prices and availability

The rugged everyday companion takes immediately on the construction sites of the Earth its place. But the sturdy unit comes with a price: for whopping 650 euros, the Caterpillar Smartphone over the counter moves. Too much impact for the tough outer shell, middle-class technology and a thermal imaging camera.