Bildconnect: Image and Drillisch Launch New Mobile Phone Offer

Offers bildconnect

In addition to making calls and text with bildconnect in all tariffs thanks to LTE with up to 50 mbit / s can surf. In addition always there: Access to bildplus and thus full access to all the content of the image. Customers have the choice between three choose offers that are optional monthly callable: Smartphone users get with the LTE mini 150 minutes, 150 SMS and an Internet flat with 750 MB of high-speed LTE for 6.95 euro per month. The FLAT includes a telephony and SMS Flatrate 1500 LTE for 12.95 euros monthly in all German networks, as well as a 1.5 GB LTE Internet flat rate. The FLAT 3000 LTE monthly offers an all-in one solution for 19.95 euros and in addition to the telephony and SMS Flatrate an Internet flat rate with 3 GB LTE for extra long surfing.

Overview: the best smartphones

100 mobile phones Apple, HTC, Samsung, LG & co.

Bildconnect data reset function

The connection price is for the collective LTE mini once 9,95 euro for the variant FLAT 1500 LTE and FLAT fall 3000 LTE once 29.95 euro’s. All bildconnect rates are equipped with a data reset function. This option allows users, depending on the tariff for a one time price of 3 euro, 5 euro, or 7 euros to reset their LTE data counter and back with full high speed to surf.

Full access to bildplus

In addition to mobile wireless services, bildconnect users have access to all content of image and so on more than 500 current stories per month for the duration of the collective , including reports, guides, interviews, football Highlightclips and background analysis. Whether via or app on Smartphone and Tablet bildplus is worth of €4.99 per month already included. For more information and ordering on

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