Android 7.0 Nougat: Completed Version of the Test Appeared!

Test verdict: What you should know

With Android 7.0, nougat is Google Smartphone sizes such as Samsung, Huawei and Sony a good software based on the hand which build upon with their surface them what but some will require of latency. For the owners of nexus devices, there is a significantly improved operating system but as of now: the work pace is faster, the revised animations bring freshness in the usual Smartphone everyday. Otherwise, not much has changed. The look is quite similar to when compared to its predecessor, Marshmallow, features like the split-screen view, or night mode provide added value, however, are usable in the competition for a long time. Who is on the road with Marshmallow, must not immediately update. The monthly software updates are already important to provide no basis for pests such as the recently surfaced QuadRooter gap. And it frees’s House with its predecessor. Per faster navigation through menus, split-screen view, added value offers night mode helps to sleep easy installation via OTA update or beta program available for free contra no groundbreaking innovations at first only for a few devices available assessment of editorial good while so many manufacturers still is employed alias to bring Android 6 Marshmallow under users, Google has the final version of the sequel to Android surprisingly early 7.0 nougat published. Until owners of Samsung Galaxy S7, P9 of Huawei or OnePlus 3 received the update succulence, is likely take some time. First of all Google’s Nexus devices in the series are: the Smartphone nexus 6, 6 p nexus and nexus 5 X, as well as the tablets pixel C and nexus 9. Anyone who reads this article just with his nexus 5, must be now very strong: Google’s remains in the years when the update sidelined come Smartphone. Whether this also applies to your Smartphone or if you get Android nougat, see the comprehensive overview. Our site has looked at nougat full Android and summarizes the most important changes.

Android nougat: multitasking in split-screen


Visually, little has changed. The surface offers new animations, and runs somewhat faster. Nougat, Apple users already know the biggest innovation of Android. With iOS 9 Californians led the so-called split-screen technique to show two apps side by side or one above the other. A function to the Android community previously envious had to look to compete with the half-eaten Apple. Thus, nougat is closing with Android now! Who puts there little longer the overview button in the bottom navigation bar, divides into two halves the screen without much effort. While the previously opened app is anchored above, replace the other image content, any with your recently opened apps. The view also works in the panorama mode. If the app vendor permits, even the size of the window by simply moving can be adapted individually. The benefits on smart phones like the nexus is manageable, 5 X of the limited screen space just tablets like the nexus benefit 9 or the pixel C from the new view. The user has enough of it, is enough a renewed push on the overview button to return to its original state. Handy in everyday life: If you double press the said button, you jump back immediately to the most recently used app. In the video for the first release since the has not more too much done check out these and many other new features:

Video on the subject

Google has released a first beta of Android N. Our site shows the new features and how to get Android N on the phone. Android tried N: what can Google’s newest candy?

More overview: comfort at the top


Google has revised the notification bar, but continues on the previous map theme. Now you answer the messages out of the bar; LG and Huawei smartphone users already know that. For some functions, such as recorded screen screenshots, you can open an additional submenu with other settings. You have to then not have open the respective app that saves time.

Quick settings: Fix Wi-Fi


Above the notification bar the newly designed quick settings are called also quick settings. There, five options (about Wi-Fi, battery and flashlight) can be run without having to first call about a further gesture as so far the function. The user but it is still in the system settings takes deeper deep changes. Here Google facilitates the users everyday. Another field is added under the relevant sub-items, the

Compress data usage: Once, please!


The data volume for the mobile Internet is once again exhausted, lurches is the Smartphone crowd targeted by the first available to the fastest Wi-Fi signal. Data compression is designed to prevent such Hängepartien in advance. To set what apps must rely on the mobile phone network and what program can connect via a Wi-Fi connection to the World Wide Web. Also this function is not new to Smartphone users. So for example Huawei uses this method in the EMUI surface. It remains to be seen whether this really positive is reflected at the end of the month on data usage. First test try resulted again crashes.

Night mode: Okay Google, good night!


Who does not know this: after a long day, the Sandman, gets but a last look at the Smartphone must be and suddenly the tiredness is disappeared. Especially the display lighting is to blame for this. Just Flash and bluish light of the screens can lead to sleep problems. Warm colors are designed to prevent that. Like Apple in iOS 9.3 update now Google uses a special night mode. Depending on the time of day the software reduces the amount of blue and goes for a more pleasant evening using pleasing colors. The manual activation is anything but user-friendly. Who would like to try the mode, is as follows: press and hold the settings icon for a few seconds. Open the system settings in the connection. At the end of the overview tuner is listed with the system UI now an additional field. The sub-item take you color and appearance to the night mode.

Android 7 but with app drawer!


Unlike with iOS, Android offers an overview of all installed apps since the first version with the so-called app drawer. Advantage: Instead of creating all the applications on the home screen in subfolders, little-used programs can be and hide functions in the overview. Until recently the many network cooks in the rumor mill agreed that the actual main menu in Android nougat would disappear. A development which continued World Congress at the mobile end of February 2016. On the largest mobile phone trade show, noticed that some manufacturers already equip their Android surfaces without app drawer. The LG G5 and Huawei with the P9 are most prominent representatives of the new trends. A look at the final version of Android 7.0 but makes clear: the concern of many die-hard Android fans was unfounded the app drawer is still the heart of in Google’s latest system candy. Who is still tired of the menu display, gives way to an alternative Launcher to. Here you will find the best alternatives in a comprehensive overview.

Android 6.0: To exploit Marshmallow

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Not difficult: Nougat how to install Android


Google rolling out the update for a longer period in stages. First are the beta testers on the series, to join the after the owner of the nexus (nexus 6, 6 p nexus, nexus 5 X, pixel C, nexus 9). Who wants to wait distribution algorithm on Google’s can take his system destiny into their own hands. You must not even more nebulous image files and sinister resistance making menus deal with: you use the Android beta program that allows easy access to the full version. Our site helps with a step by step instructions.

Install Android nougat in a few steps

  1. Android beta program öffnenÖffnen the official Google Web page to the Android beta program. Here you will find the appropriate link.


Important: Our site assumes no liability for any problems, errors or damage to the appliance. The following procedure is done at your own risk. 2 you eingebenMelden logon data using the familiar Google user account and password. 3. Beware of beta Versionshave arrived in the English-language overview. Here, Google explains exactly how the beta program. The main message: Be aware that the versions are often early preview versions. Errors and malfunctions can thus always occur. In this case, you want the final version of Android but nougat, with major problems after the long beta test phase (started March 2016) not to be expected. 4. for the test phase, you anmeldenBesitzen one of the units participating in the program (nexus 6, nexus 5 X, nexus 6 p, nexus 9, pixel C), it is clear in the explanatory text. Simply click on enroll device so that you rise to advance tester. It opens up a Warnfester that indicates the referred to in step 3, and if you encounter complications. Once you have confirmed this message, you participate in the program. 5. update on the SmartphoneWenige ploppt moments later a update references of the selected Smartphone on. The update is done wirelessly and takes a few minutes to large data packet at the approximately 1.1 Gigybate. The download is through, click bottom right corner click install & new start. 6 reboot in the GlückNach of process of system updates, the device restarts and the Android nougat waiting for you. In the normal case moved all your data without any problems. 7. from the beta abmeldenPraktisch: you can unsubscribe at any time from the beta program and switch back to Android Marshmallow.


Important: The system is then newly applied. Be sure to verify whether you have backed up all the data!

Sweet name by voting


Ice cream sandwich, jelly bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow strictly under the alphabet Google identifies the versions of its Android operating system. The letter N in the series is for the current generation. Long, the question arose: How does Android mean 7.0? So far, Google certain the name alone. This has changed: the Android community could submit proposals and participate in the naming. The result: Google has dubbed the latest version of its operating system Android nougat. In a survey, the readers of Our site had hoped for the name Nutella. But already close behind the widely speculated nougat ended up in 2nd place.

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