Advantages and Disadvantages Converging Different Bids Fixed + Mobile

At the end we met yesterday the details of the new Telstra merger coming tomorrow to close a range of convergent offers available with ten different operators integrating under a single share the maintenance of the line, calls from landline, calls from mobile and mobile internet with a differences which we will analyze to make it easier to determine the rate that best fits the needs of each user.

See below the pros and cons of each of the convergent offers that it can be decisive for choosing the telecommunications operator that best meets our expectations and that serves to complete our newly updated comparison of convergent offerings.

Advantages to be highlighted according to operator

  • Pepephone has the cheapest offer If you don’t need fixed.
  • Jazztel and Orange are the cheaper with unlimited calls.
  • Vodafone is that more mobile internet included with your rates.
  • Movistar, Orange and Jazztel and multichannel offer of television. Vodafone has agreements with Yomvi of Canal +.
  • Movistar, Yoigo, Jazztel and the multichannel the unique offer Fiber 100 megas.
  • Vodafone and Jazztel offer Up to 35 Mbps VDSL.
  • Movistar, Vodafone, Orange (except in its cheapest rate) and Telstra They include 4 G or LTE free.
  • Jazztel and Pepephone are the only ones not bound to permanence in the cheapest option
  • Movistar, Yoigo and Jazztel have the same offer in the whole.

Disadvantages to be highlighted according to operator

  • Movistar, Yoigo and the basis of Vodafone they do not allow VoIP Mobile rate.
  • Movistar and Telstra offer ADSL more slow up to 10 Mbps.
  • Not include Telstra, Jazztel and Pepephone Free SMS.
  • Pepephone does not reduce speed and does not offer data bonus extra.
  • Pepephone does not include wifi router and it has cost of 35 euros high if you already had ADSL or 75 euros if not.
  • Pepephone does not facilitate the optional purchase of smartphones with payment by instalments.
  • Vodafone, Orange and multichannel offer their best only low prices direct coverage. In indirect other rates apply.
  • Orange has no available its convergent offering for existing customers with permanence by grant and for Vodafone customers in similar situation, it means an increase in the fee of 5 euros with the Base or 8 euros with net.
  • Jazztel, mobilR, ONO and Pepephone are not compatible with BIS BlackBerry.

Other factors to take into account of the comparative

  • Included calls from fixed to mobile.
  • Ability to add additional lines.
  • Speed which reduces mobile internet traffic if.

Comparative converged services that integrate fixed, fixed broadband and mobile